Kyathit Striped Danio is a Small size,Low care level,Peaceful temperament,Low PH fish having tags of Kyathit Striped Danio
Kyathit Striped Danio is a Small size,Low care level,Peaceful temperament,Low PH fish having tags of Kyathit Striped Danio
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2cm - 3cm

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7 - 8

The Kyathit Danio (Brachydanio kyathit), also known as the Orange Finned Danio, is a fairly uncommon danio species that is native to Myanmar. It has at least two distinct color varieties, one of which has generally solid horizontal striping and another whose striping is broken, resembling a honeycomb or leopard pattern. In fact, the word "kyathit" means "leopard" in the native land of this hardy, active fish. Regardless of striped or spotted pattern, any variety of the Kyathit Danio will develop bright red-orange coloration as it matures, especially in males competing for the attention of females. This red finnage is typically also present in females, although somewhat less pronounced.


Like many typical danios, the Kyathit Danio is very active and should be kept in schools of 6-10 specimens, although even larger schools are more optimal. This fish is very hardy and undemanding an a well-maintained aquarium, but it needs a fair amount of space due to its active and somewhat nervous nature. Stress and nervousness are minimal when this fish is kept in a larger school. The Kyathit Danio is completely peaceful and rather social with many other fish species as well. It is compatible with almost any smaller, active, peaceful fish and will sometimes appear to school and interact with other species regularly. It will thrive in a planted aquarium with a good amount of decor such as rockwork and driftwood. It will not bother ornamental plants. It is compatible with any peaceful invertebrates that are too large to be considered prey, but it may prey on very small dwarf shrimp. This fish is a prodigious swimmer and jumper, so a tight-fitting lid or significantly lowered waterline is necessary to prevent startled or excited specimens from jumping out of the aquarium.


The Kyathit Danio is a micropredator in nature, feeding on tiny invertebrates such as insect larvae. In the aquarium, it is very unfussy and will accept most high-quality dry foods. However, it should also be fed a varied diet that includes live or frozen meaty foods of appropriate size. 


What We Like About This Fish:
  • Beautiful iridescent markings
  • Very hardy and adaptable
  • Form schools with each other and with other species
  • Safe with plants
  • Completely peaceful
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Kyathit Striped Danio

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