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1cm - 1.5cm

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PH Level

6.8 - 7.5

Neocaridina davidi
Max size: 3-4cm
Add colour to your small aquariums with these shrimps. Do not mix with larger fishes as they will be eaten!

Introducing the captivating Blue Rili Shrimps, the perfect addition to your aquarium! These charming aquatic creatures are sure to delight any aquarium enthusiast with their striking blue and white coloration. Let's dive into the fascinating world of Blue Rili Shrimps and discover why they are an ideal choice for your aquatic haven.

Blue Rili Shrimps (Neocaridina davidi var. "Blue Rili") are small freshwater invertebrates that originate from the captivating regions of Taiwan. Their vibrant blue and translucent white bodies make them a true spectacle to behold, adding a splash of color and elegance to any aquarium. These shrimps are highly sought after for their unique and eye-catching appearance, making them a popular choice among aquarists of all experience levels.

These shrimps are relatively small in size, growing to an average length of around 2 centimeters. Their petite stature makes them suitable for a wide range of aquarium setups, whether you have a small nano tank or a larger community aquarium. Blue Rili Shrimps are peaceful and sociable creatures, known for their active nature and amusing behavior. Watching them scuttle around the aquarium, grazing on algae and searching for food, provides endless entertainment for both children and adults alike.

One of the remarkable qualities of Blue Rili Shrimps is their adaptability to various water conditions. They can thrive in a wide range of temperatures, typically between 68°F and 78°F (20°C to 26°C), with a pH level ranging from 6.5 to 8.0. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for beginner aquarists or those who prefer low-maintenance aquatic pets.

Blue Rili Shrimps are omnivorous creatures, meaning they consume both plant matter and small organisms. A well-balanced diet for these shrimps includes a combination of high-quality shrimp pellets, algae wafers, and fresh vegetables like blanched spinach or zucchini. Regular feeding and a suitable substrate with plenty of hiding spots will encourage their natural foraging behavior and promote a healthy and vibrant shrimp population.

When it comes to breeding, Blue Rili Shrimps are known for their prolific nature. Under optimal conditions, they can breed readily, giving birth to miniature shrimplets. Witnessing the growth of these tiny creatures from infancy to adulthood is a rewarding experience that adds a touch of wonder to your aquarium. Providing ample hiding places, such as moss or dense vegetation, will enhance the survival rate of the young shrimps.

Whether you're a seasoned aquarist looking to diversify your collection or a beginner eager to embark on an aquatic journey, Blue Rili Shrimps are a fantastic choice. Their captivating coloration, peaceful demeanor, and adaptability make them a true gem in any freshwater aquarium. Create an enchanting aquatic landscape with Blue Rili Shrimps, and let their beauty mesmerize you and your guests. Order your Blue Rili Shrimps today and bring a touch of elegance and vibrancy to your underwater world!

Blue Rili Shrimp

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