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What is FishyHub?

FishyHub is the first online mobile aquarium platform in Singapore that offers fun, convenient, hassle-free, reliable and comprehensive online shopping (buying and selling) of livestock (fishes, shrimps, snails, turtles, crayfish, plants), hardscape and softscape materials (soil, sand, wood, rocks), aquarium equipment (tanks, lights, filters, pumps, coolers, ornaments, fish nets, siphons) and more (food, chemicals, medication, conditioners, supplements) to help you build your perfect home aquarium. FishyHub works by aggregating licensed and reputable merchants/ vendors including farms, local fish stores and suppliers into a one-stop marketplace to provide everything you need for your home aquarium. Moreover, we are also a logistics provider for Singapore island-wide delivery of all these aquarium products from our platform. FishyHub also features an intelligent recommendation engine that recommends the best pet fishes and plants for your aquariums based on your fishkeeping level, existing fishes and tank capacity.

In addition to aquarium livestock and accessories, FishyHub offers a wide range of professional services including aquascaping, tank and pond maintenance, and end-to-end starter packs with different aquascape styles (nature, dutch, jungle, biotope, iwagumi, taiwanese, diorama) occasionally with festive themes (Christmas, Chinese Lunar New Year). Our 24/7 concierge service team will provide you with the best customer service and after sales guidance for suggestions, expert advice and maintenance of your aquarium so that your issues (algae bloom, dying fishes, melting plants, diseases like ich, dropsy) can be resolved expediently with proper care and medication.

Whether you are a beginner starting up an aquarium (for your family or for stress relief) or an experienced fishkeeper, join thousands of avid and passionate aquarium enthusiasts, fishkeepers, tank and pond owners, aquarists, aquascapists in our social community platform to share knowledge and show off your tanks in our social commerce platform and Fishipedia. We also have a live auction - FishyLive where you can bid for your favorite fishes at cheap, competitive, affordable and low prices.

Our future is exciting as we embark on gamifying and personalizing our user experience on FishyHub. Keep track of your aquarium fishes and plants with your meta-tank, enjoy quizzes, and level up yourself with experience points.

Why Fishyhub

More and more Singaporeans are keeping aquariums as a hobby, which has resulted in the emergence of more local fish shops in the city-state. This trend is likely due to a growing number of nature-lovers, rising disposable income and urbanization which drives more animal lovers to keep aquariums instead of cats and dogs in high rise rental apartments with limited space. Additionally, an aquarium is probably the entry-level pet for new pet owners and young families due to its lower maintenance. It is also a natural piece of art that can elevate your home decor and house feng shui. Furthermore, aquariums are known to provide health benefits including reducing high blood pressure and heart rate. This can help with mental health and hypertension in the fast-paced lives of Singaporeans. Moreover, aquariums are increasingly found in pop-culture including Disney movies like “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” which led to the clownfish (a marine fish species) the most sought-after companion fish for a period of time. Read more about how aquariums are flooding our industry here.

We understand your devotion and enthusiasm as long-time enthusiasts, and it is what keeps us striving day after day to deliver you the greatest goods and healthiest livestock we can. So come "play fish" with us today!

We want you to spend your time enjoying colorful, healthy tanks, not worrying about how to manage stress and sickness, so buying from us provides you and your animals the greatest possible start. Your success and your fishes’ health is a victory for us.

Within a short time, Fishyhub has become one of the Top Aquarium Online Store and Fish Accessories in Singapore, and probably in Southeast Asia, addressing the pain points and needs of thousands of hobbyists around the island. We are also featured in the media including ExpatChoice Asia, ExpatLiving, Ikanbilly, Crunchbase and TechinAsia.

We have a wide range of products under one roof at Fishyhub:

  • Freshwater ornamental fish, shrimps, crayfishes, turtles, plants
  • Aquascape materials including driftwood, rocks, pebbles, sand, soil, stones
  • Aquarium supplies and accessories including tanks, lights, filters, filter medium, pumps, CO2 systems, protein skimmers, chillers, air stones, wavemaker
  • Water conditioners, medications, treatments, food, supplements, fertilizers
  • Maintenance equipment including tools and cleaning solutions
  • Professional services including aquascaping, maintenance, end-to-end starter packs

No. 1 Online Aquarium Store

  • Convenient to shop for livestock, aquatic plants, tanks, pumps, filters

Fishyhub provides the highest quality and reliability of online shopping user experience, making it simple, easy, fast and convenient to build your dream aquarium. Our responsive web design and mobile application allows our customers to have a consistent ecommerce website experience across any device they choose to use while shopping–whether desktop, tablet or mobile. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fishkeeper, FishyHub is the best online store for fish lovers to shop for your aquarium needs with fast delivery.

  • Intelligent to recommend products, compatible fishes, suitable tankmates

Intelligent product recommendation systems are data-filtering algorithms that aim to predict user preferences for certain products. Spotify, for example, builds a custom playlist of songs for each user based on their preferred singers and music genres. Similarly, FishyHub builds a custom list of recommended fishes, plants and other treasures for your tanks.

Our recommendation engine leverages user ratings, wish lists, and recently seen goods to suggest a similar product from the same category. In the "Customers who bought this item also bought..." section, customers can see goods generated by recommender systems.

  • World-class professional services

We offer a white glove tank installation and aquascape service and ensure that your home or business looks better after we leave than it did before we arrived. We will help you build a perfect environment and habitat for your aquatic companions and plants which look beautiful in the home. Call us for a free consultation on custom aquarium design, aquarium re-designs, acrylic aquariums, aquarium installation, aquarium maintenance, and other services. Additionally, we have a 24/7 concierge service that can help you with all your questions, concerns and suggestions such as tank cycling, algae bloom etc.

  • Comprehensive/ largest variety of community fishes, monster fishes, exotic fishes

FishyHub is your one-stop online store for all things aquatic, built on decades of scientific understanding, entrepreneurial acumen and digital technology innovation. Our goal is to provide you with an unrivaled variety of healthy aquatic livestock and plants, both common and exotic. We have something for everyone, whether you are a beginner creating your first community tank or a seasoned collector looking for the next rare, exquisite gem to add to your collection. We also offer a wide choice of high-quality equipment, food, and medication to meet all of your fishkeeping needs, all of which may be delivered right to your door. Our fishes include guppy, tetra, betta, koi, arowana, discus, cichlid, shrimp, crayfish, danio, rasbora, goldfish, gourami, snail, barb, catfish, molly, loach, pleco, corydoras, angelfish, shark, algae eater, rainbowfish, platy, puffer, killifish, pencilfish, knifefish, parrotfish, lobster, channa, frog, tiger fish, oscar, ram, bass, hatchetfish, bichir, suckerfish, stingray, minnow, wolffish and more. FishyHub strictly adheres to the nation’s regulations and does not sell banned livestock such as axolotls. Currently, FishyHub does not hold marine or saltwater fishes like seahorse, starfish, clownfish, octopus, jellyfish, corals but might expand our offering to this in the future.

  • Promotions, rewards and discounts

To reward our loyal users, FishyHub occasionally offers promotions in the form of promo and voucher codes during festive occasions including Christmas, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, 10.10 Promo, 11.11 Promo, 12.12 Promo, Black Monday, Cyber Monday, Birthdays etc. It is a perfect gift for your friends, families and loved ones. Follow our social media on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with our updates.

Entrust your online shopping experience with FishyHub as we strive to uphold our professional & trustworthy safe fishkeeping practices for your aquariums as well as high quality livestock and products for your aquarium needs.