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"Enhance your aquarium with the vibrant beauty of Cardinal Tetra. With its striking colors and schooling behavior, it's a true gem. Shop now!"

Detailed Description:

Introducing Cardinal Tetra for Your Aquarium:

Cardinal Tetra is a stunning and popular freshwater fish known for its vibrant red and blue colors.
Native to the Amazon Basin, these small-sized tetras are a great addition to community aquariums.
With their peaceful nature and striking appearance, Cardinal Tetras create a captivating display when kept in groups.
Let's explore the world of Cardinal Tetras and discover their ideal water conditions, compatible tank mates, feeding habits, and essential care guidelines.

 Ideal Water Conditions:

✦Temperature: Maintain the water temperature between 73°F and 82°F (23°C - 28°C) for optimal health and activity.
✦pH Level: Cardinal Tetras thrive in slightly acidic water with a pH range of 5.0 to 7.0.
✦Water Hardness: They prefer soft to moderately hard water, with a range of 1 to 8 dGH.
✦Providing a dark substrate and dim lighting can help mimic their natural habitat and enhance their colors.
✦Regular water changes and efficient filtration are essential to maintain excellent water quality.

 Tank Mates:

✦Cardinal Tetras are peaceful and social fish, best kept in groups of at least six individuals.
✦They can coexist with other small, non-aggressive community fish such as other tetras, rasboras, guppies, or peaceful dwarf cichlids.
✦Avoid keeping them with larger, aggressive, or fin-nipping species.
✦Creating a densely planted aquarium with hiding spots and open swimming areas will make them feel secure.

Feeding Habits:

✦Cardinal Tetras are omnivores and have a small mouth suited for eating tiny food particles.
✦Offer them a varied diet that includes high-quality flake or pellet food specifically formulated for tropical fish.
✦Supplement their diet with small live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, or micro worms.
✦Feed them small portions multiple times a day, ensuring they consume the food within a few minutes.
✦Uneaten food should be promptly removed to maintain water quality.

Care Requirements:

✦Provide a well-maintained aquarium with a minimum size of 10 gallons to accommodate a school of Cardinal Tetras.
✦Ensure the tank is properly cycled before introducing the fish and maintain stable water parameters.
✦Maintain a clean environment through regular water changes (approximately 20% every 1-2 weeks) and efficient filtration.
✦Avoid sudden changes in water parameters, as Cardinal Tetras are sensitive to fluctuations.
✦Decorate the tank with live plants, driftwood, and smooth rocks to provide natural hiding spots and create a visually appealing setup.
✦Maintain adequate lighting, preferably using subdued or dim lighting to simulate their natural habitat.
✦Regularly monitor water parameters, including temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels.
✦Watch for signs of stress, disease, or aggression, and promptly address any issues that arise.
✦Avoid using medications or chemicals unless necessary, as Cardinal Tetras are sensitive to certain treatments.

In conclusion, Cardinal Tetra is a stunning addition to any freshwater aquarium. With their vibrant colors, peaceful nature, and schooling behavior, they create a visually striking display and add a sense of harmony to the tank. By providing the ideal water conditions, selecting compatible tank mates, offering a varied diet, and maintaining a clean and well-balanced environment, you can ensure the health, beauty, and active behavior of your Cardinal Tetras. Don't miss the opportunity to add these captivating fish to your collection - order your Cardinal Tetras today and enjoy their mesmerizing presence in your aquarium!

Cardinal Tetra ( TT-0749 )

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Cardinal Tetra


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