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The Zetlight ZE-8300 UFO Aquarium Series a lightweight, 96 watts powerful lighting for reef aquarium. Stylish in design, the ZE-8300 is a beautiful accessory for reef aquarium.

The ZE-8300 also features Touch Technology, where by a simple touch on the lamp, it will adjust to 5 kinds of simulated natural lights (dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime). The ZE-8300 is also compatible with the A100 Wi-Fi Switch.


  • Item Size: 8 x 8 x 2in (20.3 x 20.3 x 3.9cm)
  • Recommended Tank Size: 23.6 x 23.6 x 23.6in (60 x 60 x 60cm)
  • Minimum Tank Size: 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8in (30 x 30 x 30cm)
  • Maximum Tank Size: 35.4 x 35.4 x 35.4in (90 x 90 x 90cm)
  • Includes Tank Mount Bracket and Hanging Kit option at no additional charge
  • Total Power: 96W
  • Lightweight


  • Hybrid-Z Technology: Accumulated from years of experience in aquarium keeping, Zetlight has recently developed Hybrid-Z, a technology that involves combining different lights through its special chip, which, through an effective color ratio scheme and a full bio-spectrum acquired from color adjustment and superimposition, does not only furnish the spectrum for different creatures, but also ensures fast growth and stimulates fluorescence that has a high level of color saturation, thereby diminishing the difference from natural sun rays. UFO is made for excellence and has the condensation of craftsmanship from Zetlight staff.
  • Quartz Optical Lens: The lens is manufactured from quartz - the best ultraviolet transmitting material. It possesses the features of extreme hardness, heat resistance and chemical thermal stability. With quartz as the medium for hemispherical lens, it enables the light to reach the seabed by fully mixing and diffusing the light molecules through the lens.
  • Touch Technology: Having 5 kinds of simulated natural lights (dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset and nighttime), with the fashionable insulation, dust and waterproof touch design, you can control the brightness and darkness freely at your fingertip. Touch it, feel it!
  • Noctilucence: Zetlight is the first in the world to invent moonlight lamp with light guiding technology to simulate the working theory of moon diffusion, so it delivers comfortable and soft light for aquatic creatures at night, adjusts the internal rhythms of life activity as well. With the funciton of luminous navigation, luminous light enables you to locate the fish tank quickly in the dark night.
  • Wireless Control: The Zetlight WIFI Switch controller can be purchased to expand the real-time control of lamps via mobile device, providing more natural changes for professional breeding illumination. The calendar algorithm has enabled more exquisit seasonal changes. The natural and ecological lights displayed through the four-color holographic channels constitute different wavelengths or the spectrum needed for the creatures, thereby providing more available natural and ecological breeding functions.
  • Luminance Transfer Technology: By transferring partially the current expansion to a single channel, compared with all lights being turned on, the unique lumiance transfer technology optimized light efficiency by 20% in a single light source channel. The innovation of this technology is dedicated to makign the lamp more spendid and beautiful.
  • Waterproof: With the ingenious internal structural design, Zetlight UFO has passed the IPX4 authentication.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The UFO has the space-level corrosion resisting feature and applied the titanium alloy surface treatment craftsmanship for metal components.
  • Temperature Control: The quadruple protection - Heat-dissipating Enhancement, Intelligent Temperature Detection, Waterproof Efficient Heat-dissipating Fan and Reasonable Heat-dissipating Pass and Convective Exchange will always keep the lamp body cool.


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