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Gives the pet UV-A rays and a high amount of UV-B rays(10%) favouring normal functions such as appetite, digestion, reproduction and calcium absorption(UV-B rays stimulate vitamin D3 synthesis)

It is suitable to Pogona viticeps, Uromastyx , Sulcata Tortoise, Radiated tortoise, Leopard tortoise, Sulcata tortoise and other tortoises plus Frilled lizard, Tegu and various desert reptiles UVB (10%) Induces the activation of vitamin D3 that combines with calcium powder to promote the transformation of calcium in bone and blood (calcium absorption) UVA (33%) Improves appetite, promotes animal’s activity to induce mating behavior Effective range is 30-50cm (12-18”)

ReptiZoo Desert Fluorescent Lamp UVB 10.0

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