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Zetlight QMaven II ZT-6500 is a 3900LM aquarium LED lighting that operates silently, thanks to fanless heat dissipation design and IP67 waterproof reliability.

QMaven Series II (2nd generation QMaven) lighting is the next generation superior aquarium lighting. The IP67 waterproof-certified QMaven Series II lighting is moisture, dust, splash resistant that increases the reliability of the electronics and QMaven Series II is easy to clean without risk of water damage.

The lighting comes with advanced designs such as fanless silent operation, dual-angled lenses, body-integrated heat sink etc.

Matte black surface and signature moonlight
Fanless. Noise-free.
Body-integrated heat sink that ensures quick heat dissipation, results in a longer operating lifespan for the entire lighting set.
IP67 waterproof, moisture, dust, splash resistant that increases the light's reliability and easy to clean with fearing water damage.
Dual-angled lenses
Special blue wavelength
Natural spectrums
Built-in receiver
Independent controller - minimises risk of failure and extends lifespan of the entire lighting system.
WiFi Control via Horizon moble app

The technical specifications of Zetlight QMaven II (QMaven 2nd gen) lighting systems:

Model                         ZT-6500 II
Item Size (inch)           23x10.2x1.6H
Brightness                 3900LM
Power                              80W
Total LED                           56


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