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Biomaster 2

1Spare part main gasket BioMaster45148
2Spare grid BioMaster75620
3Foam BioMaster 30ppi orange45270
4Spare part basket cover BioMaster45172
5Foam BioMaster 20ppi blue45269
6Spare part basket BioMaster45171
7Hel-X 13 Biomedia 800 ml45271
8Spare part set rubber feet BioMaster45170
9Spare part container BioMaster 60045161
11Replacement heater adapter46206
12Spare part heater plug BioMaster45156
13Spare part hose adapter BioMaster45157
14Spare part filter head BioMaster 60045152
15Spare part rotor BioMaster 60045145
16Spare part pump cover BioMaster 350/600 45147 
17Spare part set clip BioMaster45158
18Spare prefilter housing BioMaster 60045169
19Prefilterfoam set 6 BioMaster 30ppi46482
20Spare part prefilter tube BioMaster 60045166
21Spare part prefilter gasket BioMaster45149
22Spare part priming head BioMaster45162
23Repl. Suction-Set External Filter46527
24Spare hose 16 x 22, 4 m46496
25Repl. Spraybar External Filter45352

OASE heater plug BioMaster

SGD 9.50

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