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Maxspect Razor 60W 8000K LED is a freshwater planted aquarium light with Cree LED that delivers high-intensity illumination. It is energy efficient, thanks to a smart cooling system coupled with aerodynamic air flow design that naturally cools the lighting unit.

Colour Spectrum for Photosynthesis
Razor Lighting system utilises 410/420nm Super Actinic LED chips which is the colour spectrum for photosynthesis, a process that is vital to almost all corals and plants. Corals and plants require light in a specific ranges of spectrum in order to survive and thrive. Razor Lighting system stimulates Chlorophyll A and Chlorophyll B responsible for photosynthesis. As a result, Razor Lighting helps to enhance growth and colouration of plants and corals.

Slim Design
Encased in a slim and low-profile body, the Razor LED Lighting System adds a touch of elegance to your planted aquarium. With a slim design, the Razor LED Light sits above the aquarium, without visually getting in the way.

Aerodynamic Air Flow
The Razor Lighting system deploys an ingenious aerodynamic design which draws cool air from underneath the fixture, through its body which also serves as a large heat sink, to dissipate heat passively.

The Razor LED system utilizes the latest in LED technology - Cree XT-E and XP-E high intensity LED chips distributed in 2 different channels. Cree LED are super-bright yet energy-efficient, offering long-term cost saving.

The Razor Lighting, with an aluminum body, is designed to be primarily cooled passively, serving as a large heat sink. It features an aerodynamic design where cool air is flows through the bottom of the fixture and heat is dissipated through the aluminum chassis. With a built-in temperature controlled system, active cooling will be engaged as needed to ensure optimised performance.

The specifications of the LED Module:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 220mm x 265mm x 25mm
1 Pad of LED
Maxspect LED module


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