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  • Natural, biotope-like pond water balance: basic care product to stabilise the KH, GH and pH values in the pond.
  • To use: Sprinkle mineral powder evenly onto the water surface of the pond. After some slight clouding it dissolves completely and in doing increases the essential mineral content of the pond water.
  • Life insurance for fish and plants: supplies essential minerals, prevents fluctuations in the water values, activates capacity for self-purification, better growth of microorganisms.
  • The effectiveness of an anti-algae agent depends on a stabilised pH value.
  • Contents: basic care product, Stabilo Pond Basis. Dosage: 100 g granulate for 1000 l pond water.



Natural Balance in the Garden Pond:

  • Each season makes different demands on the garden pond. Pruning back plants and using pumps or pond nets help to keep the pond environment healthy.
  • With a water test you can recognise deficits in the pond water in order to take appropriate measures.

JBL‘s zero-risk concept:

  • Algae can pollute the pond water and thus cause damage to the fish and the plants in the pond.
  • In collaboration with scientists JBL has developed a concept for a permanent removal of algae.

“1-2-3 algae-free”

  • Stabilise the water: increase the mineral content for anti-algae agents (JBL StabiloPond) to work more effectively
  • Combat algae: add a suitable anti-algae agent (JBL AlgoPond) into the water
  • Limit nutrients: remove the nutrients of dying algae (JBL PhosExPond)

Stabilo Pond Basis is easy to use:

  • Determine the required quantity for the garden pond. Spread the calculated quantity widely over the pond. Use regularly every 6 weeks and after a larger freshwater supply, e.g. after water change or heavy rain falls.


  • 100 g granulate for 1000 l pondwater.



Can I use several anti-algae agents together in the pond?

> Each JBL anti-algae agent has a special purpose. It is therefore not necessary to use several AlgoPond products at the same time. Use AlgoPond Green to combat green water. Use AlgoPond forte for thread algae and all other types of algae. If you want to change the product, allow a time interval of 14 days, a water change of at least 50 % and filtering via activated carbon. The products StabiloPond and PhosEx may, of course, be used together with an AlgoPond algae agent according to the 1-2-3 algae-free principle.


What is the difference between JBL StabiloPond Basis and JBL StabiloPond KH?

> JBL StabiloPond Basis raises both the total hardness and the carbonate hardness. JBL StabiloPond KH raises the total hardness to the carbonate hardness at a ratio of 1:2.


How and when do I use JBL StabiloPond Basis?

How JBL StabiloPond Basis is used:

  • Regular applications every 2 months (central European conditions with 500 – 1000 mm rainfall per year).
  • For first application or with carbonate hardness 0 a dosage of 200g / 1.000 l pond water is used. For follow-up treatments 100g / 1000 l pond water is sufficient.

The powder is sprinkled onto the pond. Do not dissolve it in water beforehand, this will cause it to foam, which reduces the stabilizing effect for the pond water.


I have used StabiloPond Basis and the water hardness has not increased.

> StabiloPond Basis and KH always raise the hardness, no exceptions. If the hardness doesn’t increase measurably there are only 3 possible reasons:

  • The pond has no filtering or circulation. Then a layering of the water occurs. The hardened water is located nearer to the bottom of the pond. Recent customer feedback:
  • The products were under-dosed: Recent customer feedback:
  • An increase in hardness occurred, but the values dropped afterwards quickly.

Recent customer feedback:

The latter is mainly possible with high sludge quantities or with an algae plague. It is a fact that microbes and algae exist on a back flame when there is no sufficient stabilized water. Just like other organisms in the pond they suffer from a lack of essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium and especially hydrogencarbonates. Metaphorically speaking, they pounce upon the dissolving salts in StabiloPond Basis and KH and immediately start to assimilate them. These effects can occur in ponds with strong organic loads (sludge) and excessive algae blooms. In the latter case an algae treatment is absolutely necessary.


How much JBL StabiloPond Basis do I need to reach the required carbonate hardness of 4 °dKH?

> The dosage required depends on several factors:

1) The present carbonate hardness

For a carbonate hardness of 0-2 °dKH you need 200g / 1000 l pond water.

For a carbonate hardness of 2-4 °dKH you need 100g / 1000 l pond water.

2) Processes in the garden pond which affect the carbonate hardness

Algal bloom (floating or filamentous algae) and an insufficient stabilisation of the water balance may make a higher or additional dosage necessary, because the algae will start the biogenic decalcification very soon after the addition of JBL StabiloPond Basis.

Furthermore strong sediment production will cause microorganisms to decompose the components of JBL StabiloPond Basis at the bottom of the pond. In this case a higher or additional dosage can likewise be necessary.


> Can the pond care products JBL StabiloPond Basis, JBL StabiloPond KH, JBL OxyPond, JBL FilterStart Pond, JBL AlgoPond Direct*, JBL PhosEx Pond Filter, JBL SediEx Pond, JBL AlgoPond Sorb, JBL AgoPond Forte*, JBL AlgoPond Green*, JBL PhosEx Pond Direct and JBL BactoPond be used with an operating UV-C water clarifier without any problems or should the UV-C unit be switched off?

In simple terms we can say that with the application of the liquid products JBL AlgoPond Sorb, JBL AgoPond Forte*, JBL, AlgoPond Green*, JBL PhosEx Pond Direct, JBL BactoPond the UV-C water clarifier should be temporarily switched off so that the active substances will not be destroyed. Please look up the time periods in the respective operation instructions.

With JBL StabiloPond basis, JBL StabiloPond KH, JBL OxyPond, JBL FilterStart Pond, JBL AlgoPond Direct*, JBL PhosEx Pond filter, JBL SediEx Pond the UV-C water clarifier may remain in operation.

* Labelling according to EU Directive 98/8/EC: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use!


What is the advantage of the regular use of JBL StabiloPond Basis?

> As a result of a variety of processes the water in the garden pond is permanently losing minerals and hydrogen carbonate, the latter of which acts as a buffer for the pH value. These processes are:

Rainfall: Rainfall is softened pure water and dilutes the pond water. The total hardness and the carbonate hardness decrease.

Biogenic decalcification: When there is a lack of carbon dioxide in the water, some plants and algae in particular meet their demand for CO2 through biogenic decalcification:

Ca(HCO3)2 (only dissolved) CaCO3 (precipitates as lime) + H2O + CO2.

Lime precipitates as a by-product and both the carbonate hardness and the total hardness decrease.

Nitrification in the filter: Through the nitrification caused by filter bacteria nitrite develops. Nitrite is the salt ion of the nitrous acid. The acid ion (H+) also is precipitated and reacts with the hydrogen carbonate in the water:

H+ (acid cation) + HCO3- (hydrogen carbonate) H2O + CO2.

Thus the nitrification uses up hydrogen carbonate and the carbonate hardness decreases. Mineral consumption through plants and animals: All organisms need minerals for their metabolism and their growth, including calcium, magnesium and others. Thus plants, bacteria, algae, insects, snails, mussels and other invertebrates such as fish all cause the total hardness in the garden pond to decrease.

JBL StabiloPond Basis evenly portions the minerals needed in the garden pond (including calcium and magnesium) and does more than just raise the carbonate hardness.

Additional regular post-dosing, individually adjusted, may be necessary, depending on the rainfall, which varies from year to year and from region to region. In Central Europe a regular dose on a 2 monthly basis is sufficient. With higher rainfall an additional dosage on a 4-6 weekly basis can be necessary. To find out, use JBL PondCheck.

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