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Healthy fish and plants
The pH value defines the acidity of the water. It needs to be constantly checked and adjusted as necessary to maintain the health of the fish and plants. The right pH value depends on the fish stock of the aquarium. The wrong pH value can cause stress and diseases. Using an electrode the value can be precisely measured.

Cleaning and care of electrodes
Bacteria, lime and other impurities which settle on the electrode can falsify the real pH value. The regular cleaning and calibration of the electrode ensure precise measurement and an unaltered pH value. Electrodes always need to be stored in a humid place.

Easy to use
Add 10 ml of each of the three buffer solutions into separate cuvettes. Remove electrode from the water and dry it off. Immerse the electrode successively into the buffer solutions and rinse it. The complete set contains all liquids required for a professional calibration and storage of pH sensors

  • Professional use of pH electrodes for aquariums: complete set for the calibration, cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to use: Fill buffer solutions into cuvettes. Remove electrode from the water. Immerse and rinse dry electrode according to instructions
  • Removal of deposits. No falsification of the pH value: precise measurement due to cleaned electrode
  • Safe storage: small bottle with screw cap. Can be used several times
  • Package contents: calibration, maintenance and storage kit ProFlora Cal, incl. calibration solution pH 7 and pH 4 (50 ml each), distilled water for rinsing (50 ml), storage/cleaning solution (50 ml), 3 cuvettes

JBL Proflora Cal

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