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  • Siphons metabolites, food and plant remains (sludge) from the aquarium bottom. Convenient: gravel cleaner with automatic suction device for a water level of 45 - 70 cm.
  • Easy installation: connect the hose to the gravel cleaner, attach the hose with stopcock to the bucket, insert the cleaner – activate with shaking movements. Push the gravel cleaner into the ground, water suction siphons the debris.
  • Automatic suction device (no priming by mouth required), cleans places which are difficult to reach: round cross section with “corner”, cleaning claw to adjust suction strength, internal diameter 40 mm.
  • Protective sieve to prevent plants and fish getting sucked in.
  • Package contents: 1 complete set, bottom cleaner length 53 cm, Ø 40 mm, incl. 2 m hose (12/16 mm), 2 hose clips, cockstop.


Dirt on the bottom:

  • Food and plant remains and metabolic products form debris on the bottom of the aquarium (sludge).
  • In case of oxygen deficiency in the aquarium there is the risk of putrefaction processes at the bottom caused by the debris.
  • Putrefaction endangers the health of the aquarium inhabitants. It is therefore advisable to clean the bottom regularly.

Easy handling:

  • Connect hose on one end to the stopcock on other end to the gravel cleaner.
  • Use the clip to attach the end with the stopcock to a bucket.
  • The clip prevents the hose slipping out of the bucket.
  • Hold the gravel cleaner into the water and activate it by shaking (no suction by mouth required).
  • Move the gravel cleaner inch by inch through the gravel of the aquarium bottom.
  • Finish by clipping the gravel cleaner to the aquarium rim and close the stopcock.

Cleans thoroughly:

  • The small round cross section enables you to clean places which are difficult to reach.
  • The edge at the corner of the gravel cleaner allows you to clean into the aquarium corners.
  • Suction strength can be adjusted with cleaning claw.

Safe operation:

  • Thanks to the built-in protective sieve it is impossible for fish or plants to be sucked in.


What am I doing wrong? JBL AquaEx Set 20-45 sucks in the substrate and clogs up the sieve in just seconds.

> A substrate, e.g.: Manado is a rather light substrate. If it is sucked in by the gravel cleaner, it is recommended to reduce the water current as a remedial action.

JBL AquaEX Set 45-70

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