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The Biohome Plus filter media promote the growth of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that in turn filter the aquarium water. Billions of such beneficial bacteria work tirelessly to break down nitrogenous toxins such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, keeping the water pristine clean and safe for fish and plants.

Biohome Plus is made from high-quality sintered glass, which means that Biohome Plus is totally inert and safe for aquarium.

Advantages of Biohome Plus
Biohome Plus is highly porous, which means that a small amount of the media is as efficient, if not more, compared to a large chunk of biomats or bioballs. Thus, the biological filter media can be used for small aquarium with compact filtration systems.

Biohome Plus works best in the last stage of the filter before water is discharged into the pond. The optimum bio filtration efficiency happens in the dark, but the biological media also works in shaded environment.

Removes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate naturally by bio filtration process
Premium-quality, sintered-glass filter media
Inert, non-toxic, safe for fish and plants
Highly porous media
For use in canister, HOB and sump filters.
Ideal for freshwater aquarium filters
Full cycle filtration filter media
Reduces frequency of water changes significantly
Does not affect water pH or mineral balance
Can work in compact bio filters due to high surface area of each piece of media
Suitable for freshwater and marine
Treating 3 tons of freshwater with 1 kg of Biohome Plus, all you need is a very small compartment for biological filtration (1 kg = 1.25 L).


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