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Bacta is a medication for Anti-Biotic. It can be used in Flower horn , Discus ,Gold fish , Beta and Guppy . Bacta will prevent bacteriainfection such as Pop eye,Duck lip,Fin rot ,wound and abscess  . Moreover Bacta can be used for quarantine fish. 

How to use 

5 drop per 1 liter of water (in case betta and Guppy) 

1 cap per 50 liters 

use Bacta one time per day 7-14days same dose (water must be changed 30-50% before using everytime) 

*** make sure the temperature of the water not over 28 C in order to prevent bacteria boom.*** 

For quarantine fish 

Use KILL before use Bacta then use Bacta for 7 days for quarantine the fish before put it in the tank. 

Aqumedi Power Bacta 40g

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