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Brand new dr tank range tablet for planted tank fish tank aquarium. #1: DR. TANK Snail Remover (50T) $13 ✅Put the tablet into the tank directly, the dosage and duration are listed in the table. Please take out the ornamental snails before use. Safe to aquatic plants, fish and shrimp. 1st day: snails will crawl up to the surface. 2nd day: snails become slow-moving. 3rd day: more than 90% snails could be removed and change 50% water. #2: DR. TANK Crystal Water (50T) $15 ✅Remove yellow/green/cloudy water. Please refer the dose table then put tabs into the tank directly, During 4hrs dissolving time, the tabs will remove the yellow/ green/cloudy phenomenon gradually, then water become clear. #3 DR. TANK Planarian ZERO (12T) $15 ✅Planarian is a parasite and harmful to fishes, shrimps and snails in aquarium. Planarian will quickly propagate, prey on fish and shrimp, and is parasitic. Apply 1 tab to 50L, please refer to following table. The efficacy will be affected by the water conditions(Temp/GH). The daily dose can conduct 3days most depend on the severity of planarian. If planarian remains, please change ½ water then repeat above process #4: DR. TANK Nutrient Tabs (50T) $13 ✅Aquatic plants absorb nutrients through leaves and to propagate.Regular supply of nutrients will keep the plants healthy and counter the growth of algae. Direction: Tabs are to be dosed directly, please refer to the dosing table. Nutrient tabs can be used with other products as needed. For tank without CO2 supply, apply half the dosage. Do not supply to aquarium without lighting. #5 DR. TANK Substrate Root Fertilizer Tabs (50T ) $13 ✅1 Tab for 10L water. Please refer to the following dose table. The tabs evenly spaced on the bottom of tank then covered by the soil or gravel. Direction of Root fert. (for Topdressing) •1tab for 15*15cm planted area. •Insert 1 tab into soil or gravel about 2-3cm depth. #6 DR. TANK Blue Green Algae ZERO (30T) $13 ✅ BGA (blue green algae), also known as Cyanophyta, which is extensive and highly visible blooms with the appearance of blue-green colour and is toxic. The tabs will decompose the BGA and then the BGA will be separated from gravel/soil/plants and kept to be decomposed w/ 3days.

Dr tank tablet fertiliser crystal water snail remover for planted tank aquarium tank

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