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The Channa barca "Red Barito," also known as the Red Barito Snakehead, is a visually striking freshwater fish species prized for its vibrant coloration and unique patterns. Native to the Barito River region in Kalimantan, Indonesia, this snakehead is a standout choice among fish enthusiasts.

Key characteristics of the Channa barca "Red Barito" include:

1. **Coloration**: The Red Barito Snakehead is known for its brilliant red and orange hues, which can vary in intensity. The body often features dark vertical bands or spots, creating a striking contrast against the bright background.
2. **Size**: This species can grow to a substantial size, with adults reaching lengths of up to 40-50 cm (16-20 inches). Their size makes them more suitable for larger aquarium setups.
3. **Behavior**: The Red Barito Snakehead is known for its aggressive and territorial nature, particularly during breeding. They require a spacious and well-structured environment to accommodate their behavior and reduce stress.
4. **Habitat**: In the wild, these snakeheads are found in slow-moving or stagnant waters with abundant vegetation. They thrive in aquariums that replicate these natural conditions, with plenty of hiding spots provided by rocks, driftwood, and plants.
5. **Diet**: As carnivores, Red Barito Snakeheads feed on smaller fish, insects, and other aquatic creatures. In captivity, they should be given a varied diet of live, frozen, and high-quality prepared foods to ensure proper nutrition.

The Channa barca "Red Barito" is a stunning and impressive addition to any aquarium. However, due to their size and aggressive nature, they are best suited for experienced aquarists who can provide the necessary care and environment to keep them healthy and thriving.

Channa Red Barito

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