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AQUAEL Uni Pump 700
+ versatile universal pump for freshwater and saltwater
+ easy installation between two hose ends
+ very compact dimensions
+ very quiet in operation
+ low power consumption
+ operation with security low voltage 12V
+ can be used inside and outside the water
+ practical suspension lugs

technical data AQUAEL Uni Pump 700
pump capacity: 720 l/h
Pumping height: 1.45 m
Power consumption: 12V, 10 W
Housing protection class: IPX8
Hose connection: 12/16 mm, on both sides
Dimensions: length: 17 cm, diameter: 5 cm

AQUAEL Uni Pump 700 is a very versatile pump for all fresh and salt water aquariums. The pump can be used both internal and external the aquarium water. The practical installation between two hose ends has many advantages, as the hose diameter is the same on both sides. For example, the AQUAEL Uni Pump can also be used for water changes. Possible other applications are the operation of UV-C units, additional filters, CO2 reactors, cooling units etc. The small dimensions allow the pump to be used wherever space is limited. The AQUAEL Uni Pump aquarium pump is not only practical and compact, but also powerful and energy-saving. Thanks to the high-quality components with a ceramic shaft, this practical pump is durable and very quiet in operation.

AQUAEL Uni Pump 700

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