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Water flea –Moina Macrocopa, high protein contents for all fishes

Moina (Moina macrocopa) is a common freshwater crustacean generically known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the water flea.   They are found to some degree in all parts of America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and almost every continent on earth.

Moina macrocopa are smaller than Daphnia pulex, (0.02-0.04 inch) and have a have a higher protein and lower fat content than other Daphnia; tropical fish keeping enthusiasts consider them an ideal live food for the smaller, hard to feed fish species.


Directions For Use:
Ensure the cap is tightly sealed after each use.
Always keep refrigerated.

UHT Water Flea / Moina Macrocopa - 75g (Bottled)

SGD 12.00

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