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SUNSUN CPF2500 Pond Filter

1. Effective pressure filter with complete UVC UV purifier.
2. Drainage can connect waterways and filter waterfalls.
3. The maximum pressure for work is 3 meters water column.
4. Patented cleaning technology, the filter can be effectively cleaned without water.
5. The latest filter cotton structure design doubles the filtration area per unit volume, maximizing the filtration effect and extending the maintenance period.

Power of UV-C: 11W

Max flow: 6000L/H

Outlet, inlet hose adaptor: 20/25/32mm

Strainer surface: 8m2

Suitable for ponds with fish: 4m3

Suitable for decorative ponds: 8m3

Actual volume: 20L

Dimension: 310x310x495mm

SUNSUN CPF2500 Pond Filter

SGD 158.00

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