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 Longfin Molly Swordtails 10pcs

The Longfin Molly Swordtail is a stunning variety of livebearer fish that adds elegance and beauty to any aquarium. Here's some important information about the Longfin Molly Swordtail:

  • Appearance: The Longfin Molly Swordtail features elongated, flowing fins that give it a graceful and distinctive look. These fish exhibit a variety of colors and patterns, including vibrant shades of orange, black, yellow, and silver. The elongated caudal fin, resembling a sword, is a distinguishing feature of this fish.

  • Size: Longfin Molly Swordtails can grow up to an average size of 7-10 centimeters (2.8-4 inches), with males generally being slightly smaller than females.

  • Behavior: Longfin Molly Swordtails are generally peaceful and social fish that can thrive in community aquariums. They are active swimmers and enjoy exploring their environment. These fish are known for their lively and playful behavior, making them an entertaining addition to the aquarium.

  • Tank Requirements: To keep Longfin Molly Swordtails healthy and happy, provide them with a spacious aquarium with plenty of swimming space. A minimum tank size of 20 gallons is recommended to accommodate a small group of these fish. Ensure the tank is properly filtered and maintain good water quality with regular water changes. The ideal water temperature ranges between 24-28 degrees Celsius (75-82 degrees Fahrenheit), with a pH level of 7.0-8.0.

  • Tank Mates: Longfin Molly Swordtails are compatible with a variety of peaceful community fish. They coexist well with other livebearers, such as guppies, platies, and other varieties of mollies. Avoid keeping them with aggressive or fin-nipping species, as the long fins of the Longfin Molly Swordtail may be vulnerable to damage.

  • Feeding: Longfin Molly Swordtails are omnivorous and have a varied diet. They will readily consume high-quality flake or pellet food designed for tropical fish. Supplement their diet with live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, or bloodworms to provide additional nutrients and mimic their natural feeding behaviors.

  • Breeding: Longfin Molly Swordtails are livebearers, meaning they give birth to live, fully-formed fry rather than laying eggs. Males have a distinctive sword-like extension on their caudal fin, while females have a rounded fin shape. Breeding can occur readily in a well-maintained aquarium, and pregnant females will display a bulging abdomen. Provide plenty of hiding places or floating plants for the fry to seek refuge once born.

  • Care: Longfin Molly Swordtails are relatively hardy and easy to care for. Regular monitoring of water parameters, maintaining proper filtration, and providing a balanced diet will contribute to their well-being. Observing their behavior and ensuring they show no signs of stress or illness is important for their overall health.

The Longfin Molly Swordtail is a captivating and graceful fish that brings a touch of elegance to any aquarium. With their peaceful nature and attractive fins, they are sure to be a focal point in your aquatic display. By providing them with a suitable environment and proper care, you can enjoy the beauty and charm of these fish for years to come.

Longfin Molly Swordtails

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