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Chihiros Vivid 2 lighting set comes with separately-controllable RGB channels, allowing users to customise the illumination according to the needs of their aquarium.

The lighting comes with Bluetooth controller, and using the accompanying mobile app, users can operate, control and adjust the lighting remotely wherever they are.

The Chihiros lighting stays cool during operation, thanks to integrated fans that promote air flow and excellent ventilation.

The RGB VIVID II by Chihiros is a modern LED pendant lamp for aquariums which highlights the complete colourfulness of both aquatic plants and animal inhabitants of each tank.

The arrangement of the red, green and blue LEDs in just one LED chip ensures the most natural colour rendering of the light possible and optimally supports plant growth. Thanks to its brightness and light output, the lamp is also an excellent choice for densely planted tanks or for plants with special lighting requirements.

With its light output, the lamp is designed for aquarium tanks with a length of 60 to 90 cm and is characterised by the long life of its LEDs.

Bluetooth Controller
The RGB VIVID II has a preinstalled bluetooth controller. This distinguishes it from the RGB VIVID I, which requires an external device, the Commander 4, to be programmed.

The integrated controller of the VIVID II allows the lamp to be operated by "My Chihiros App" and enables individual daily schedule programming. Via the app settings the brightness, the colour temperature and the 3 colour channels can be changed easily, so that e.g. sunrise and sunset can be simulated easily.

The RGB VIVID II contains an integrated fan that promotes excellent air flow and actively cools the lamp during operation.

Including quality power supply unit (Germany Edition)
With built-in Bluetooth controller
No additional commander required
To programme via "My Chihiros App"
3 colour channels can be controlled separately
Active cooling by integrated fan
Colour variants: silver and black
The lamp is splash water protected and can therefore be installed over open aquariums safely. It is not suitable for installation under a cover.

Technical Specifications - Chihiros Vivid II
Power consumption: 130 W
Number of LEDs: 160 pieces
Light flow: 5.500 lumen
LED colours: RGB 3 in 1
Power input: AC100 - 240V, 50 - 60 HZ
LED lifetime: over 50.000 hours
Operating temperature: 20 - 40°C
IP protection class: IP43
Dimensions - Chihiros Vivid II
Weight: 455 mm
Width: 162 mm
Height: 34 mm
Suitable for aquarium size: 60 - 90 cm tank width


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