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FishyHub Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants

Having plants in your aquarium is not just aesthetically pleasing, it serves much more than just an ornamental purpose.

23/03/20228 mins read

Top 10 Livestock on FishyHub Leaderboard for December 2021

Have you ever wondered what are the most popular livestock sold on FishyHub? We have crunched the data and would like to

19/01/20228 mins read

More beginner fishes for your first aquarium

While choosing fish, here are some basic things you need to keep in mind - Your personal preference - Your budget - Avai

15/01/20225 mins read

Top 3 beginner fish for your first aquarium

Are you a beginner fishkeeper? Looking for the perfect beginner fish to start with for a new hobby? Look no more! Our Fi

29/10/20216 mins read

7 tips to choose the best online fish store

Ever wondered what makes an excellent online aquarium store? Fishyhub here shall share a few vital key points into makin

28/09/20216 mins read

How to pick a home (tank) for your fish?

If you are looking for a new aquarium, the very first decision you have to make is a suitable tank for your needs. So ho

24/09/202110 mins read

Fish Feature: The Colours of the Rainbowfish Family

In this feature, explore fast facts and popular species of some of the most unique and popular fish of the hobby - the R

16/06/202115 mins read

A Wriggly Proposition: Interview with Werms.Inc Technopreneur, Aaron

We had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron, partner of Werms.Inc, who shared with us his startup journey and expert advi

01/06/202115 mins read

Why Fish Make Better Pets Than Dogs

Let us convince you with a practical and fact-based analysis on why fish are the superior pets!

01/06/202115 mins read

Making Waves: Home Aquariums Are Flooding The Pet Industry

Learn the ins and out of the aquarium industry and the reason it\u2019s popularity levels are rising faster than any oth

27/05/202115 mins read

Crouching Cory, Hidden Pleco

Plecos and corys are such fascinating fishes that they look nothing like other typical fishes.

20/04/202115 mins read

FishyHub Interview with Ikan Billy

Interview with Ikan Billy

21/03/202115 mins read

Tour De Tank, What is cycling your tank?

One of the most overlooked aspects of fish keeping by beginners is the nitrogen cycle. This process is essential for lif

18/03/202112 mins read

Giveaway Winners!

We are haapy to announce fishyhub giveaway winners!

22/02/20213 mins read

Glass vs Acrylic Tanks

6 key points to differentiate between Glass and Acrylic Tanks.

30/01/20218 mins read

Fishkeeping Series: Neon tetra

Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) is a small freshwater fish native to South America.

30/01/20215 mins read

Top 5 reasons my fish dies!

Today we are going to talk about the top 5 reasons your pet fish is not living long enough for you to stare at/show off

30/01/202115 mins read

Fishkeeping Series: Koi

Koi, Ornamental version of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio), bred and kept originally from Japan.

30/01/20215 mins read

Saltwater vs Freshwater Aquarium

Today we are going to compare the differences between keeping freshwater fish and saltwater fish.

30/01/202112 mins read