Fishkeeping To Remedy For Post Pandemic Stress Disorder

Are you one of the many who is still working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak, as you prefer to be safe than sorry and thus practise social distancing and self-quarantine? If so, with an extra few hours on your hands (not asking you to wear the whole range of Omega x Swatch on your arm), why not take this opportunity to take up a hobby that offers you numerous benefits while you’re still cooped up at home? We’re talking about fish keeping and here’s what you can experience and learn as you embark on this wonderful hobby.

  1. It’s beneficial to one’s health

Fish keeping or just simply watching them can be very therapeutic as studies have shown that it can reduce blood pressure and emotional agitation. This is vital considering the current situation, as staying at home can be stressful, as fear and anxiety about the current pandemic can cause us to develop negative thoughts. Through fish keeping, one can better relax as owning and caring for an aquarium and its inhabitants will bring about the calming effects of nature right at home, as you watch your precious pets school and swim while you listen to the soothing sound of aeration made by the aquarium’s filter system.  

  1. Learning opportunity for children

Keeping fish offers you the opportunity to teach your children valuable lessons such as compassion and responsibility. Things such as feeding the fish, caring for the fish, as well as maintaining the fish tank are valuable skills that a child can learn through this hobby. And if you are new to the hobby yourself, you might want to swing by our website to learn about the basics of setting up a fish tank and maintaining it before imparting the knowledge to your kids, so that the family can embark on this wonderful new hobby together.

  1. You’ll get to learn more about fishes and aquatic plants

As you find yourself being bitten by the fish keeping hobby bug, you will develop this desire to enrich yourself with knowledge of various fish species and their compatibility in an aquarium setting as well as water chemistry and how it will affect your fishes’ wellbeing. Here at FishyHub, we have compiled a list of fish keeping articles that you’ll find detailed information about as you learn about your favourite species.\

  1. A fish tank is aesthetically pleasing

Apart from health benefits as mentioned earlier, an aquarium is a great way to liven up your home’s interior. A well-planned and placed fish tank can provide an added dimension of colour to an otherwise uninspiring space, and they can be very entertaining to look at. And if you are unable to find a tank that suits your fancy, you could always customise one to suit your home décor. Here at FishyHub we have tank makers who are able to customise tanks according to your requirements so feel free to contact us!  

Practising social distancing? Buy your aquarium supplies online!

Prior to this current pandemic, fish hobbyists would regularly set aside time during weekends to travel to their favourite local fish stores to check out the latest fish arrivals as well as look at new tanks and aquarium products, however with the encouragement of self-quarantine and social distancing this might not be the case for the time being. We have the solution for you! Because with the Internet, you can buy anything online these days, and now buying both aquarium livestock and aquarium accessories online is a reality, so check out our range of products at FisyHub today!

By Machiavel Lee