Learning about aquatic creatures while observing their behavior can benefit both the fish and the fish keeper. It will generate relationships and build respect, especially for their natural habitat. Engaging in this kind of hobby will make you learn more about what kind of world they live in. Partly, it will affect your characteristics too and can affect your mood and how you live, which may influence your daily life.

Fishkeeping is famous nowadays, a popular hobby many hobbyists and even starters enjoy. This kind of recreation somehow describes what the owner and fish have in common; some fishkeepers, especially those who want quiet time, are patient in cleaning and decorating; they are into less-aggressive and intricate fishes. Those keepers signify that they are most likely meticulous, reliable, and patient. And sometimes, some are into adorable, funny-color fish and easy-to-maintain types of tanks. Their personality is primarily easy to identify as young, outgoing, adventurous, and happy. However, all "pets" are not easy to care for, to be fair. These are only based on observations and are traits comparable to some owners.

Here is the list of famous fishes you might be interested in; this may aid you in selecting what kind of fish suits you best.

  1. Goldfish - everyone's first fish! This kind of fish has a variety of colors, comes in a range of shapes, and can quickly adapt to water temperatures. They are low maintenance and attractive. Very popular with kids and doesn't need ample space, even in a small home. This kind of fish is mainly for the kids and young at heart keepers, who are relaxed, carefree, and outgoing.
  2. Angelfish - one of the famous tropical freshwater fish, this fish belongs to the family Cichlidae. This fish has different colors and is child-friendly. They are slow-moving, graceful and territorial, which represents their owner, who is laidback and calm. Since they're very calming fish, primarily keepers who intend to be alone like to have angelfish around, it would be much better if they had big tanks.
  3. Tetra - they are easy to care for and belong to non-aggressive species. They are lovely to watch if they school together since they are colorful and small. It is also advisable that there should be 6-8 Tetra in a tank to make them swim comfortably. Hobbyists, mainly with outgoing traits, are really into tetras since they are playful and easy to care for, while this fish is better for first-time fish keepers.
  4. Betta - fish for all seasons! They have a huge personality; they are curious and active most of the time. Those eye-catching and enchanting colors are one of the fascinations of a keeper with a bold and fierce attitude. Most betta's keepers are indeed trustworthy and have a lot of time since they need attention. Bettas can be kept in a smaller tank.
  5. Flowerhorn - A hardy and quite aggressive fish. Like their keepers, most of them are patient, observant and timid. This fish is quite popular among fish keepers. This species will grow quite big in a reasonable time, and you'll need a bigger tank for lodging such fish.

Aside from the suggestion above, below are some owner-friendly and easy to care for fishes recommended by FishyHub best for beginners with social and amiable characteristics.

        6. Danio - these fish are schooling fish. At least 5 Danio in a tank will do and can get along with Tetra. Since they are active fish, they can get along with each other. They can efficiently adjust to unheated tanks.

        7. Bolivian Ram - playful and fun to watch. This fish is also known as Bolivian Butterfly Ram from the Amazon River of the Cichlidae family. Bolivian Ram is a peaceful freshwater fish that can get along with other freshwater fish.

        8. Platy - colorful and adorable, can tolerate tank temperatures, hardy fish. Platy fish are affordable and available in local pet stores.

While choosing fish, here are the essential things to consider; selection of fish, budget, space, time, and availability. These serve as a guide to help future fishkeepers understand more about fish.

Fish has a diverse personality, just like a human. In Fishyhub, you may chat and interact directly with the "Chief Fish Officer" to ask and learn more ideas about fish and tanks and learn what kind of fish is perfect for you.

Tip: There are hundreds of quizzes online for those curious about what Kind of Fish Person they are; try some and discover amusing results.  


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