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YEE Fish Tank Filter Three-In-One Submersible Pump, Small Size No Water-Changing Clean Water Accessories

come with

*4 In 1 Multi-Funct

ion Filter

- Filter


- Poop suction

-Water draw

*Great suction, clean fish poop

360° adsorption without dead angle

*Silent Filter

≤30 decibels mute and low noise, does not affect your work

*Speedy clean water obvious effect aquarium NO water-change

-Large capacity filter box meet your every cleaning needs

- Filter and absorp fish poop and debris, quickly remove turbidity in the water

- The nitrifying bacteria on the filter material will decompose harmful impurities and activate the water body

YEE Tank Filter Three-In-One, Aquarium Filter Box With Aeration Pump, Fish Filter Pump, Aquarium Cleaner

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4W 400L

6W 500L

15W 600L


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