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RowaCarbon activated carbon removes toxins and reverses yellowing water, leading to clean and clear water, ideal for the growth of fishes and plants. Use RowaCarbon regular to ensure a clear pristine aquarium with good light penetration.

RowaCarbon is made from the finest quality hard coal and it contains extremely low levels of Phosphate, hence it works without causing algae problems.

Many low-cost carbon products in the market are processed using phosphoric acid and such cheap carbon alternatives can release high levels of Phosphate toxins into the water. However, RowaCarbon will not pose such risk and be assured the Phosphate levels in RowaCarbon is negligible.

Problems with algae are often caused by the release of Phosphate from activated carbon with high POI (Phosphate Output Index) levels - often as high as 14.0, which inhibits lime synthesis in coralline algae, corals and other organisms that deposit lime.

RowaCarbon is distinguished by its exceptionally low POI level of only 1.3 which is considerably below detection levels of phosphate test kits available to the hobbyist.


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