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The Mutag BioChip was developed by Multi Umwelttechnologie AG, Germany.

Unique Benefits

Best in class for Ammonia & Nitrite removal performance - The Mutag BioChip has a protected active surface area of 3,000 m2/m3 (scientifically certified) whereas most biocarriers are rated as 500 and 800 m2/m3. Hence, the Ammonia & Nitrite removal performance of Mutag BioChip is 4-6 times superior than competing biofilters.
Self-renewal - Old dead bacteria are constantly replaced by young heavy feeding bacteria
No clogging - This is because of the extremely fine and detailed pore system of the Mutag BioChip. Thus the lifespan of Mutag BioChip is much longer than normal filters.
Optimal Diffusion - Due to the extreme pore design, thin biofilms are created, which increases the total surface area for optimal diffusion of substrate, oxygen and nutrient.
Smaller footprint - A smaller filter system is able to support a larger aquarium size when Mutag BioChip is used as the filter media because the efficiency of your small filter system is boosted by the large surface area of the Mutag BioChip.
Energy saver - Mutag BioChip is designed to work with lesser agitation energy, thus it will lessen the load of your existing air pump when you switch from other moving beds to Mutag BioChip.
Lighter weight - This is because Mutag BioChip offers a large surface area for purification per fixed volume of filter media. Hence, you need lesser amount of the filter media to achieve the same filtration capacity. This lessens the weight of your filter system.

Brand name : Mutag BioChip
Protected active surface area : 3,000 m2/m3
Reference weight per 3,000 m2 : 170 kg
Surface : porous foam structure
Pore distribution : irregular
Diameter (average) : 22 mm
Thickness (average) : 1.0 mm
Shape : circular, paraboloid
Outer ring : shape-stabilizing
Material : PE (virgin material) and additives
Colour : white
Specific gravity (average) : approx. 0.95 kg/l (without biofilm)
Solubility in water : none
Melting index (190/5) : 0.4 – 1.5
Thermal decomposition : > 300 °C
Change of shape : > 80 °C
Hazardous decomposition products : none
Appropriate extinguishing : Water spray, foam, dry powder, CO2
Packing size & code : 1L (MB001), 5L (MB002), 10L (MB003)


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