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Size : 1.5cm - 2cm 

Introducing the Microrasbora Galaxy (RA-0490) fish aquarium, the perfect addition to any aquatic enthusiast's collection. Dive into a world of vibrant colors and mesmerizing movements with this SEO-friendly aquatic marvel.

Detailed Description:

The Microrasbora Galaxy (RA-0490) is a captivating species that brings a touch of celestial beauty to any aquarium. With its shimmering iridescent scales and delicate fins, these tiny fish are sure to capture the attention of both seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike. Let's explore the key features and care requirements of this extraordinary species:

Water Conditions:

✦Temperature: The ideal temperature range for Microrasbora Galaxy is between 72°F to 78°F (22°C to 26°C).
✦pH Level: They thrive in slightly acidic to neutral water, with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.5.
✦Water Hardness: Maintaining a moderate water hardness of 2 to 10 dGH is recommended.

Tank Setup:

✦Aquarium Size: A minimum tank size of 10 gallons is suitable for a small group of Microrasbora Galaxy.
✦Substrate: Use a fine-grained substrate like sand or small pebbles to mimic their natural habitat.
✦Plants and Decor: Provide ample vegetation, such as mosses, floating plants, and fine-leaved plants, creating hiding spots and adding to the aesthetics of the tank.
✦Lighting: Low to moderate lighting is preferred, as it replicates their natural environment.

Compatible Tank Mates:

✦Peaceful Community Fish: Microrasbora Galaxy is a peaceful species that thrives in a community setting. Ideal tank mates include small Tetras, ✦Rasboras, Guppies, and Corydoras Catfish.
Avoid Aggressive Species: Keep them away from aggressive or fin-nipping fish that could harm their delicate fins.

Feeding Habits:

✦Microrasbora Galaxy is omnivorous and will readily accept a variety of foods.
✦High-Quality Flake or Pellet Food: Offer them a high-quality micro-pellet or flake food specially formulated for small fish. Ensure the food particles are small enough for their small mouths.
✦Supplement with Live or Frozen Foods: Provide occasional treats of live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, or micro worms to replicate their natural diet.

Care and Maintenance:

✦Regular Water Changes: Perform regular water changes of 25% to 30% every two weeks to maintain optimal water conditions.
✦Filtration: A gentle filtration system is recommended to ensure proper water circulation without causing strong currents that might stress the fish.
✦Monitoring Water Parameters: Regularly test the water parameters using a reliable test kit to ensure they remain within the suitable range.
✦Observation and Enjoyment: Spend time observing their behavior and interactions. Witness their schooling behavior and the beautiful shimmer of their scales.

The Microrasbora Galaxy (RA-0490) fish aquarium offers a captivating and rewarding experience for aquarists of all levels. With their celestial beauty and peaceful nature, these tiny fish are sure to become the shining stars of your aquatic world. Elevate your aquarium with the Microrasbora Galaxy and embark on an enchanting journey of underwater fascination.

Microrasbora Galaxy ( RA-0490 )

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