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Zetlight UFO ZE-8600F LED Light simulates the lighting conditions necessary for effective chlorophyll absorption and promotes aquatic plants growth. With day and moonlight modes, it delivers lighting close to nature and results in a healthy and vibrant planted tank.

Key Features
Full spectrum LED
Hybrid-z chip technology
CREE LED chips
Quartz optical lens
Luminance transfer technology
Flame retardant
Waterproof IPX4
Corrosion-resistant coated parts
Simulates Nature
The Zetlight ZE-8600F aquarium lighting allows simulation of weather phenomena such as clouds and moonlight. It comes with 5 period time settings - dawn, sunrise, noon, dusk, night.

Heat Control
The Zetlight ZE-8600F aquarium lighting stays cool throughout its operation, thanks to heat-dissipation enhancements comprising intelligent temperature monitoring, internal waterproof heat-dissipating fan, and air vents that promote excellent air exchange keeping that lamp body naturally cool.

Nano Reflector Lamps
Zetlight ZE-8600F features Nano Reflector Lamps that increases illumination significantly without wasting any additional energy. The angle of the reflector is designed to achieve an even and wide spread of lighting for your freshwater plants.

The Zetlight ZE-8600F comes with moonlight lamp and technology that intelligently simulates natural moon diffusion. This enables the Zetlight ZE-8600F to deliver a comfortable and soft light for aquatic creatures at night. This moonlight contributes to thriving night-time aquarium activities, and also allows you to enjoy the night view of your aquarium.

Luminance Transfer Technology
Luminance Transfer Technology on Zetlight ZE-8600F allows selected LED chips to operate on demand, thus optimises light efficiency by 20% in a single light source channel. This results in a more splendid and beautiful lighting effect for your aquarium.

Wireless Control
With the optional WiFi Switch Controller, you can connect Zetlight ZE-8600F to Wi-Fi and use the Horizon Aqua mobile app (iOS and Android) to remotely control the lighting unit from intensity, to colours and period settings.

The technical specifications of Zetlight ZE-8600F:

Dimensions: 20.3 x 20.3 x 3.9H cm
Minimum tank size: 50 x 50 x 50H cm
Maximum tank size: 80 x 60 x 50H cm
Recommended tank size: 60 x 60 x 50H cm
Power: 55W
The Zetlight ZE-8600F is designed to provide precise spectrum colours necessary for aquatic plants. The LED color temp/wavelength specifications:

White 6000K-6500K
Deep Red 660-665nm
Red 620-625nm
Green 520-525nm
Blue 450-455nm
Zetlight ZE-8600F
Bracket Mounting
Hanging Kit Mounting
Mounting screws
Power adapter
Power cord
User manual


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