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Zetlight Aqua ZA1201 is super white 12000K LED lighting for coral reef aquarium. It is energy saving, consumes only 16W, and can be switched day or night.

The Zetlight Aqua ZA1201 is suitable for small soft coral and low light LPS tanks.

It features an optical lens system that beams more light into the tank, reaching the corals and reefs deep at the bottom of the tank.

Each light comes with its mounting bracket, acrylic shield, and a wired remote for ultimate control of the ZA1201. Adjust the brightness of each LED color through 30 different levels.

The Zetlight Aqua ZA1201 is recommended for small aquarium, tank size up to 40x40x40 cm.

Suitable for coral reef marine aquarium
Simulates day and moonlight
Additional red and green spectrum enhances the natural look of aquarium
Modern floating design
Energy saving
Super long lifespan
Light can be switched for day or night time
These are the specifications of Zetlight Aqua ZA1201 LED Lighting:

For aquariums 40x40x40 cm
For max. 10 mm thick glass
Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 12 x 2.7 cm
Power: 16 Watts
Kelvin: 12000K
Lumens: 1070 lm
21 x White LED: 12000K
7 x Blue LED: 465-485 nm
4 x Red LED: 620-630 nm
4 x Green LED: 520-535 nm


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