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6 - 8

1.5cm x5pcs

Add a touch of uniqueness to your aquarium with the mesmerizing Zebra Snails. These distinctive snails feature beautiful black and white striped patterns that make them stand out in any aquatic setting. With their small size and fascinating behavior, these snails are a wonderful addition to freshwater tanks.

Detailed Description:

  • Striking Appearance: The Zebra Snails are known for their eye-catching black and white striped patterns, resembling the distinctive stripes of zebras. These patterns add a visually appealing element to your aquarium and create a captivating display for all to enjoy.

  • Size and Quantity: Each order includes five Zebra Snails, each measuring approximately 1.5cm in size. This ensures a lively group of snails that will roam and graze on surfaces, contributing to the overall activity and dynamics of your tank.

  • Peaceful and Beneficial: Zebra Snails are peaceful in nature and coexist well with a variety of freshwater fish and other aquatic inhabitants. They are known as efficient algae eaters and scavengers, helping to keep the aquarium clean by consuming algae and organic debris.

  • Water Conditions: These snails thrive in well-maintained aquariums with stable water parameters. They prefer a temperature range of 22-26°C (72-79°F) and a pH level between 7.0 and 8.0. Regular water testing and maintenance, including proper filtration and regular water changes, are essential for their well-being.

  • Feeding Habits: Zebra Snails are primarily herbivorous, with a voracious appetite for algae. They will graze on surfaces, including glass, rocks, and plants, to consume algae growth. Supplement their diet with high-quality sinking algae wafers or pellets to ensure they receive adequate nutrition.

  • Habitat and Decor: Zebra Snails appreciate a well-decorated aquarium with plenty of hiding spots and surfaces to graze on. Provide them with driftwood, rocks, and live plants to create a naturalistic environment. Ensure that the tank has sufficient lighting to support algae growth, as this serves as a vital food source for the snails.

  • Care and Maintenance: Zebra Snails are relatively low-maintenance and require minimal care. Regularly monitor water parameters, maintain a clean and well-maintained tank, and avoid introducing any harmful chemicals or medications that may harm the snails. If needed, gently remove any excess snail population to prevent overpopulation.

  • Breeding Potential: Zebra Snails have the ability to reproduce in suitable aquarium conditions. However, specific breeding requirements, such as increased calcium levels for shell development, may be necessary to promote successful breeding. Breeding snails may result in an increase in the overall snail population within the tank.

With their distinctive striped patterns and beneficial algae-eating behavior, Zebra Snails make an excellent addition to freshwater aquariums. Enjoy watching these snails glide along surfaces and contribute to the overall health and cleanliness of your tank. Create an engaging and visually appealing underwater world with the addition of Zebra Snails.

Zebra snails 1.5cm x 5pc

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