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5 pieces of red wine shrimp

Introducing the Wine Red Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi var. "Wine Red"), a stunning and vibrant addition to your aquarium. These tiny yet captivating shrimp showcase a deep red coloration that resembles the rich hue of fine wine. With their striking appearance and lively behavior, Wine Red Shrimps are sure to captivate any observer and bring a touch of elegance to your aquatic environment.

Key Features:

  • Rich Wine Red Coloration: The Wine Red Shrimps feature a deep and intense red color that stands out in any aquarium. Their bodies are adorned with a uniform red hue, creating a visually striking display that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your tank.

  • Active and Peaceful Behavior: These shrimps are highly active and peaceful in nature, making them a perfect addition to community aquariums. They spend their time exploring the tank, foraging for food, and interacting with their environment. Watching their busy antics and graceful movements can be both relaxing and entertaining.

  • Easy Care Requirements: Wine Red Shrimps are relatively easy to care for, making them suitable for both beginner and experienced aquarists. They are hardy and adaptable, capable of thriving in a wide range of water conditions. Provide a well-maintained aquarium with stable water parameters to ensure their optimal health and well-being.

  • Water Conditions: These shrimp prefer slightly acidic to neutral water conditions. Maintain a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5 and a water temperature around 72-78°F (22-26°C). It is important to ensure good water quality by performing regular water changes and monitoring key parameters such as ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels.

  • Feeding and Diet: Wine Red Shrimps are omnivorous and will eagerly consume a variety of foods. Offer them a balanced diet that includes high-quality shrimp pellets or flakes, as well as occasional feedings of blanched vegetables like zucchini or spinach. Additionally, supplement their diet with protein-rich foods such as bloodworms or brine shrimp to promote optimal health and coloration.

  • Breeding Potential: Wine Red Shrimps have a relatively high breeding rate and can reproduce readily in a well-maintained aquarium. Providing them with plenty of hiding places, such as moss or dense vegetation, will encourage successful breeding. The sight of tiny shrimp fry exploring their surroundings can be a rewarding experience for any shrimp enthusiast.

Enhance the beauty and elegance of your aquarium with the captivating Wine Red Shrimps. Their deep red coloration, active behavior, and easy care requirements make them a wonderful choice for shrimp enthusiasts of all levels. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of these graceful creatures as they thrive in your aquatic sanctuary.

Wine red shrimp 1cm x 5pc

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