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UV sterilisation lamp light for aquarium fish tank and fish pond water purification disinfection lamp.

UV lamps produce strong ultraviolet radiation that kill germs, bacteria, algae and other bad substances in the water and preventing green water and bad smelling.

Uv sterilise lamp can be installed in the tank, or in the media filter compartment. It can quickly clarify water, kill germs and provide a tip top water con for the aquarium friends.
High quality quartz glass anti-explosion, extra Low current voltage 11w transformer, safe and reliable. Energy saving.

Lamp come with cover won’t hurt and affect living aquarium friends and also safe to use without hurting the human eyes.

Spec pls ref to pic above

5w-2 ft  and below  
9w-3ft and below 
11w-4ft  and below 
13w-5ft and below 28cm

Recommend to on2-3 hours a day max 

local stock  Recommend to on2-3 hours a day max

UV steriliser light with protected shield for fish tank aquarium

SGD 19.00

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