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Microsorum Pteropus Philippines Mini, more commonly known as Java Fern Philippines Mini is a beautiful species in the Java Fern family. It is extremely decorative and features smaller leaves with a fresh green hue. A closer look will reveal a lovely pattern on its leaves surface as well. The slender leaves remind us of Java Fern Narrow Leaf but Philippines Mini is even more narrow. Being of the same species as regular Java Fern, Java Fern Philippines Mini is a great beginner aquarium plant as it is extremely hardy and does not require extensive, specialized care to thrive in a planted aquarium tank. Java Fern species work well in low-light conditions and the species as a whole is very forgiving in a wide range of aquarium tank water parameters. Lower levels of CO2 injection along with minimal fertilizing can help yield better, more robust growth as well. This aquarium plant will also do great in brackish aquarium tank conditions! 

Java Fern Philippines Mini is also an epiphytic aquarium plant, meaning it can be easily attached directly onto aquarium driftwood or aquascaping rocks using thread or superglue. Java Fern Philippines looks great when used in larger groups and provides a valuable refuge for skittish or smaller freshwater fish and shrimp. Once growing properly, regular pruning of browned leaves or overgrowth should be performed to ensure it remains a lovely feature within the aquarium tank.

Common Name

Java Fern
Java Fern Philippines

Care Easy 
Suggested PlacementMidground to Background 
PropagationSeparate rhizome and attach
Growth RateSlow to Moderate

TCulture Microsorum Philippine Mini

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