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Suitable for all types of reptiles and amphibians

Gives the pet UV-A rays and a small amount of UV-B rays(2%)favouring normal functions such as appetite, digestion, reproduction and calcium absorption(UV-B rays stimulate vitamin D3 synthesis)

Use together with 5% or 10% fluorescent lamps according to pet’s UV requirements

Suitable for reptiles with low requirements of ultraviolet rays, such as snake, gecko, Phelsuma m. Grandis, Terrapin, semi-Terrapin, etc. UVB2.0 (2%) Induces the activation of vitamin D3 that combines with calcium powder to promote the transformation of calcium in bone and blood (calcium absorption) UVA ( 25%) improves appetite ,promotes animal’s natural behavior to elicit mating activities Diurnal spectrum spiral energy-saving lamp promotes the growth of plants A standard light source which provides an efficient visual ray with high C.R.I. (Color Rendering Index) and low UV radiation

ReptiZoo Daylight Fluorescent Lamp UVB 2.0

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