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6cm - 8cm

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Semi Aggressive

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5.5 - 7.2

Introducing the Red Tail Prochilodus, a stunning and graceful addition to your freshwater aquarium. With its vibrant red tail and sleek silver body, this species brings a touch of elegance and beauty to any aquatic setting. The Red Tail Prochilodus, scientifically known as Prochilodus sp., is highly sought-after for its unique appearance and peaceful nature. Order now and bring home this captivating Red Tail Prochilodus to enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium

The Red Tail Prochilodus, scientifically known as Prochilodus sp., is a remarkable freshwater fish known for its vibrant red tail and sleek silver body. With its distinctive coloration and graceful movements, this species adds a touch of elegance to any aquarium. Here's everything you need to know about caring for and keeping the Red Tail Prochilodus in your tank:


  • Vibrant Red Tail: The Red Tail Prochilodus gets its name from its striking red tail, which contrasts beautifully with its silver body. The red coloration intensifies as the fish matures, creating a captivating focal point in the aquarium.
  • Sleek Silver Body: The body of the Red Tail Prochilodus is elongated and streamlined, allowing it to glide effortlessly through the water. Its sleek appearance adds to its overall gracefulness.

Water Conditions:

  • Temperature: Maintain the water temperature between 72°F and 78°F (22°C-26°C) to provide the optimal conditions for the Red Tail Prochilodus.
  • pH Level: Aim for a slightly acidic to neutral pH range of 6.5 to 7.5 to create a suitable environment.
  • Water Hardness: These fish prefer moderately soft to moderately hard water, with a dH range of 4 to 10.
  • Filtration: Provide efficient filtration to maintain excellent water quality and ensure proper oxygenation.
  • Ample Oxygen: Good water circulation and the addition of airstones or a sponge filter are beneficial for their well-being.

Tank Setup:

  • Tank Size: The Red Tail Prochilodus requires a spacious aquarium to accommodate its active swimming behavior. A tank of at least 55 gallons is recommended.
  • Substrate: Use fine gravel or sand as the substrate, which mimics their natural habitat and allows them to forage comfortably.
  • Hiding Places: Incorporate driftwood, rocks, and plants to provide hiding spots and create a sense of security for the Red Tail Prochilodus.
  • Vegetation: Live or artificial plants can be added to create a natural environment and provide cover.

Tank Mates:

  • Peaceful Community Fish: The Red Tail Prochilodus is generally peaceful and can be housed with a variety of compatible tank mates, such as tetras, rasboras, and peaceful cichlids.
  • Compatibility Considerations: Avoid housing them with aggressive or fin-nipping species that may harass or harm the Red Tail Prochilodus.
  • Schooling Behavior: It is recommended to keep Red Tail Prochilodus in groups of five or more, as they feel more secure and display their natural schooling behavior.

Feeding Habit:

  • Herbivorous Diet: The Red Tail Prochilodus is primarily herbivorous and requires a diet rich in vegetable matter.
  • High-Quality Pellets: Offer high-quality sinking pellets or granules specifically formulated for herbivorous fish.
  • Vegetables and Algae: Supplement their diet with blanched vegetables such as zucchini, spinach, or algae wafers to provide essential nutrients and mimic their natural feeding habits.


  • Water Parameters: Regularly test the water parameters to ensure they remain within the suitable range for the Red Tail Prochilodus.
  • Partial Water Changes: Perform regular partial water changes of around 25% every 1-2 weeks to maintain optimal water quality.
  • Tank Maintenance: Clean the tank and remove any uneaten food or debris to prevent water quality issues.
  • Monitoring Health: Observe the Red Tail Prochilodus for any signs of disease, stress, or abnormalities.

Order the captivating Red Tail Prochilodus today and enjoy the beauty and grace it brings to your aquarium.

Red tail prochilodus 6.5-7.5cm

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