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Red line torpedo, also known as the red tail shark, is a freshwater fish that originates from Thailand. It has a distinct torpedo-shaped body with a dark black coloration and a vibrant red tail. 

The ideal pH level for a red line torpedo is between 6.5 to 7.5, and the water temperature should be maintained between 75 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. They prefer slightly acidic to neutral water conditions and require ample space to swim and hide. 

In terms of care, red line torpedoes are active and territorial fish and should be kept in larger aquariums with plenty of hiding spots and swimming space. They require a varied diet consisting of high-quality pellets, flakes, and frozen or live foods. Regular water changes and maintenance are also essential to keep them healthy and reduce stress levels. It's important to note that red line torpedoes can be aggressive towards other fish, so it's best to keep them with other semi-aggressive or larger species.

Red Line Torpedo Barb

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