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9cm - 15cm

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6 - 8

Pair 9-15cm

Add a touch of elegance and beauty to your aquarium with the L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair. Known for their stunning blue eyes and flowing long fins, these plecos are a captivating sight in any aquatic setup. With their peaceful nature and unique features, the L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair will make a remarkable addition to your collection.

Detailed Description:

  • Striking Blue Eyes: The L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair stands out with their mesmerizing blue eyes. The vibrant blue coloration adds a pop of color to their appearance, making them a standout feature in your tank.

  • Long Fin Variation: Unlike the standard pleco, the L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair possesses long, flowing fins that add an extra touch of elegance to their overall look. Their graceful movements and trailing fins create a stunning visual display as they glide through the water.

  • Size and Quantity: Each order includes a pair of L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Plecos, with sizes ranging from 9-15cm. This size ensures that you receive a mature pair capable of breeding and displaying their full beauty.

  • Peaceful and Compatible: The L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair is known for their peaceful nature, making them suitable for community aquariums. They can coexist with a variety of peaceful fish species and other compatible tank mates. Ensure ample hiding places and territories to minimize potential conflicts.

  • Water Conditions: These plecos thrive in well-maintained aquariums with stable water parameters. They prefer a temperature range of 24-28°C (75-82°F) and a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. Providing high-quality filtration and performing regular water changes are crucial for maintaining optimal water conditions.

  • Feeding Habits: The L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair is primarily herbivorous and requires a varied diet. Offer sinking algae wafers, spirulina-based pellets, blanched vegetables like zucchini or cucumber, and occasional live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp or bloodworms to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

  • Habitat and Decor: Create a suitable environment for the L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair by incorporating driftwood, rocks, and caves in the aquarium. These plecos appreciate hiding places where they can retreat during the day. Live plants can also be added, although they may be grazed upon by the plecos.

  • Care and Maintenance: The L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair requires regular tank maintenance, including monitoring water parameters, performing water changes, and keeping the tank clean. Provide adequate filtration to maintain water quality and ensure proper oxygenation. Avoid using medications or chemicals that may harm the plecos or disrupt their natural behavior.

  • Breeding Potential: Given the right conditions and care, the L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair has the potential to breed in the aquarium. Providing suitable caves or other spawning sites and maintaining stable water conditions can encourage successful breeding.

Bring the stunning beauty of the L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair to your aquarium and enjoy their graceful presence and eye-catching blue eyes. With their unique features and peaceful nature, these plecos will make a captivating addition to your tank. Create a harmonious aquatic environment and let the L144 Blue Eye Long Fin Pleco pair become the centerpiece of your collection.

Pleco L144 blue eye long fin Pair 9-15cm

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