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"Meet the Platinum Florida Gar - a striking and unique addition to your aquarium, admired for its silver scales and prehistoric charm."

Detailed Description:


  • The Platinum Florida Gar (Lepisosteus platyrhincus) is a captivating freshwater fish prized by aquarists for its distinctive appearance and ancient lineage.
  • Originating from the southern United States, these gars are known for their elongated body, sharp teeth, and metallic silver scales.


  • The Platinum Florida Gar boasts a sleek, elongated body adorned with rows of diamond-shaped scales that shimmer with a platinum sheen.
  • Its long, cylindrical snout is lined with sharp teeth, characteristic of predatory fish, adding to its prehistoric allure.
  • Adult Platinum Florida Gars can reach impressive lengths of up to 3 feet, making them a striking centerpiece for large aquariums.

Water Conditions:

  • Optimal water temperature: 70-78°F (21-26°C).
  • pH range: 6.5-7.5.
  • Water hardness: 5-15 dGH.
  • Provide a spacious aquarium with ample swimming room and a secure lid to accommodate the active nature of Platinum Florida Gars.
  • Maintain excellent water quality through efficient filtration and regular water changes to support their health and vitality.

Tank Setup:

  • Platinum Florida Gars require a large aquarium with a minimum capacity of 100 gallons to thrive.
  • Incorporate a sandy substrate and plenty of driftwood, rocks, and artificial caves to mimic their natural habitat and provide hiding spots.
  • Ensure the tank has a tight-fitting lid as gars are skilled jumpers and may attempt to escape if startled.

Tank Mates:

  • Platinum Florida Gars are predatory fish and should be housed with tank mates of similar size and temperament.
  • Suitable tank mates include other large, robust fish species such as cichlids, catfish, and larger tetras.
  • Avoid keeping them with smaller fish or species that may be viewed as prey, as Platinum Florida Gars have a voracious appetite and may attempt to consume them.

Feeding Habit:

  • As carnivorous predators, Platinum Florida Gars have a hearty appetite for live foods such as fish, crayfish, shrimp, and feeder insects.
  • Offer a varied diet consisting of high-quality live and frozen foods to ensure nutritional diversity and promote optimal health.
  • Monitor feeding to prevent overfeeding, as gars are opportunistic feeders and may consume more than necessary if given the opportunity.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the well-being of Platinum Florida Gars and maintain water quality.
  • Perform frequent water changes of 25-30% every two weeks to remove waste and replenish essential nutrients.
  • Monitor water parameters using a reliable test kit and adjust as necessary to maintain stable conditions.
  • Keep an eye out for any signs of illness or stress, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or abnormal behavior, and address any issues promptly.

Platinum Florida Gar

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