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Capacity In Gallons


Dimensions in cms

25 * 25 * 20

OWA High Clarity Glass Bowl  (15B/20B/25B/30B/35B)

Available in various sizes. It is usually use as fish tank, vase, terrarium, pet home. It is made of clear glass. It is made of thick clear glass.

Model Size 
15B   15x11cmH
20B   20x13cmH
25B   25x20cmH
30B   30x23cmH
35B   35x26cmH

Please note:
Some bubbles marking may be present in the glass bowl. 
New bowl will appear to be sandy and the glass is blur. Give the bowl a good wash and it will be ready to use.

OWA High Clarity Glass Bowl 25B

SGD 18.00

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