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Flake fish food is specially formulated for all varieties of Tetras including Neons, Small Carp and Rainbow fish from South America and West Africa. The formulation is designed to improve the immune system and ensure proper nutritional absorption.
●  Low water pollution formulation
●  High levels of vitamins and trace elements
●  Specially designed for all varieties of Tetras, including Neons
●  Improves growth, maturity and coloration

Ingredients: High quality fresh fishmeal, krill, milk powder, carotene, carotenoids, shrimp meal, wheat gluten, soybean, torula, dried yeast, fish oil, enzymes, PSB, licorice root powder, vitamins and minerals.

Guaranteed Analysis:
●  Crude protein > 40%
●  Crude fiber < 2%
●  Crude fat > 5%
●  Moisture < 8%
●  Vitamins & Minerals > 450mg/kg

OTTO Neon Fish Flake Food

SGD 11.00

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