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For Fresh & Salt Water

New and Improved Formula

Microbe-Lift / Day Ammonia Remover uses a PATENTED process that removes chlorine, DESTROYS chloramines and completely ELIMINATES the ammonia that is left behind when the chloramine bond is broken.

Ship live animals without toxic ammonia problems for 72+ hours
Can be combined with antibiotics and anesthetics
Completely safe for biofilters
Tested with shrimp, shellfish, aquatic invertebrates

Suitable for Use with Fish & Shellfish Intended for Human Consumption.

Test with salicylic sp ammonia test kit. Ammonia Remover binds ammonia and converts it to a non-toxic form (ammonium) which is then removed by the filter.


1 lb: 3,760 gal. (14, 233 L)
5 lb: 18,800 gal. (71,165 L)
10 lb: 37,600 gal. (142,331 L)
55 lb: 206,800 gal. (782,820 L)


Keep out of the reach of children.
Follow directions carefully.

Microbe-lift Dry Ammonia Remover 5IBS

SGD 178.00


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