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Christmas moss is a type of aquatic plant commonly used in aquariums and aquascaping. It is named for its festive appearance, with delicate green branches that resemble miniature Christmas trees. This moss is native to Southeast Asia, and it thrives in freshwater environments with moderate to high lighting and good water circulation. Christmas moss is a popular choice among aquarium hobbyists, as it adds a unique and natural touch to the underwater landscape and provides a habitat for fish and invertebrates.

All plants are freshly packed on the day of delivery to ensure you receive your plants in the best condition.

Plants received might look different due to emersed growth and all pictures are for reference purposes only.

There might be slight imperfection on the plant and it is normal. It is not a defect and no refund or exchange request will be entertained.

You are advised to quarantine all plants before adding them to your aquarium. We are not responsible for any pesticides, pests, or algae on the plant.

[Live Plants] Christmas Moss on Wire Mesh

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[Live Plants] Christmas Moss on Wire Mesh


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