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Minimum Lighting Required: Low Temperature Range: 64-86°F Tank Placement: Midground Java Fern (Microsorium Pteropus) originates from Southeast Asia. We are not exaggerating here when we say that this plant is one of the most popular plants in the aquarium hobby. The popularity of the plant can be attributed to its versatility, hardiness and attractive leaves. Java Fern will thrive in widely varied conditions and does not require much. It will do well in low-light tanks, does not require fertilization and can handle even the most boisterous fish. Java Fern attaches itself to rocks, driftwood and other hard surfaces so do not bury it in the substrate. It propagates by adventitious plantlets. NOTE: Java Ferns may vary in sizes from different batches, there may be slight torn, holes or browning in some of the leafs as they are live plants. Please buy artificial plants if you are expecting perfect condition.

[Live Plant] Java Fern Narrow Leaf Driftwood Plant

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[Live Plant] Java Fern Narrow Leaf Driftwood Plant (approx. 8 to 10cm)

[Live Plant] Java Fern Narrow Leaf Driftwood Plant (approx. 18 to 20cm)


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