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5cm - 6cm

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Semi Aggressive

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6 - 8

2 pieces of L397

Enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium with the L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco. This package includes two L397 Alenquer Tiger Plecos, each measuring approximately 5.5-6cm (2.2-2.4 inches) in size. With their striking tiger-like patterns and fascinating behavior, these plecos are sure to captivate the attention of any aquarium enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Unique Tiger-Like Patterns: The L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco is known for its captivating patterns. Its body features a stunning combination of dark stripes and vibrant orange or red patches, resembling the majestic appearance of a tiger. These distinct markings make the L397 pleco a standout species in any aquarium.

  • Peaceful and Solitary Nature: L397 Alenquer Tiger Plecos are peaceful and generally prefer a solitary existence. While they can coexist with other non-aggressive fish, it's best to provide them with their own territory to establish their territory and exhibit their natural behavior without competition or stress.

  • Nocturnal Behavior: These plecos are primarily nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. Provide them with plenty of hiding spots in the form of caves, driftwood, and plants where they can retreat and feel secure during the day. Observing their nighttime activities can be a fascinating experience.

  • Herbivorous Feeding Habits: The L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco is predominantly herbivorous, with a preference for vegetable matter. Include a variety of plant-based foods in their diet, such as algae wafers, blanched vegetables (e.g., zucchini, cucumber), and high-quality spirulina-based pellets. Supplement their diet with occasional protein-based foods like frozen or live brine shrimp or bloodworms.

  • Tank Requirements: To provide the best environment for the L397 pleco, ensure your aquarium has a spacious footprint with plenty of hiding spots. A soft sandy substrate and the presence of driftwood or caves will mimic their natural habitat and offer places for them to rest and explore. Maintain good water quality with regular water changes and efficient filtration.

  • Compatibility: The L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco can coexist with peaceful community fish species that are not known to harass or prey on bottom-dwelling inhabitants. Avoid keeping them with aggressive or territorial fish that may intimidate or harm them. Similarly, avoid housing them with species that may outcompete them for food.

  • Breeding Behavior: Breeding L397 plecos can be challenging, as they require specific conditions to initiate the breeding process. Provide them with clean, well-maintained water, and simulate the rainy season by adjusting water temperature and initiating water changes. Offer suitable spawning caves for them to lay their eggs.

Experience the beauty and allure of the L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco in your aquarium. With their striking patterns, peaceful nature, and nocturnal activities, they will add intrigue and fascination to your underwater world. Provide them with a well-suited environment and a balanced diet to ensure their health and longevity.

L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco (5.5-6cm) x 2pc

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