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AquaClean - Gravel and Filter Cleaner

JUWEL AquaClean is the ideal tool for cleaning your Juwel internal filter and the ground material of your Juwel aquarium.

AquaClean is suitable for aquariums with a height of up to 60 cm thanks to intake tubes that may be individually combined.

Utilising a special attachment, JUWEL AquaClean enables the convenient cleaning of your internal filter, even in areas that are difficult to reach, in addition to the simple cleaning of the ground material.

The Quickstart system activates the water flow using gentle shaking movements and the dirt is transported into the bucket without any inconvenient suction.

An integrated shut-off valve stops the flow of water if needed and consequently enables an easy interruption of the cleaning.

JUWEL AquaClean may be fastened in a simple manner to the bucket and aquarium thanks to the enclosed clips.

JUWEL AquaClean, available from your specialist retailer!

JUWEL Aqua Clean - Gravel and Filter Cleaner

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