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JPD Aka Mushi Soft 10g Fish Food (JPD36828)
JPD Red insect soft Medigold Fish Food contains good bacteria and reaches the intestine to decompose the dung and keep water from getting dirty. With krill meal and spirulina, this promotes food colouration for your goldfish. Contains freeze-dried fresh red worms. The addition of Torula yeast and fermented wheat extract reduces stress on the fish and keeps the immune system healthy.


Wheat flour, bonito meal, vegetable oil, glycerin, krill meal, D-sorbitol, dried whole egg, soy protein, spirulina, akamushi, bonito extract, cornstarch, red yeast rice, phaffia yeast, emulsifier, torrula yeast, toyoserin, cochineal pigment, Wheat fermentation extract

component /crude protein: 17.0% or more, crude fat: 14.0% or more, crude fiber: 1.0% or less, crude ash content: 5.0% or less, water content: 16.0% or less

JPD Aka Mushi Soft 10g Fish Food (JPD36828)

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