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JNS ConeS Series In-Sump Protein Skimmers efficiently remove organic waste from aquarium water. The hybrid cone body, the advanced bubble chamber and the proprietary conical diffusers work synergistically to efficiently mix air and water. More importantly, random twirling and turbulent flow is eliminated. A stable laminar flow is created inside the skimmer`s reaction chamber and maximizes the performance and efficiency of the skimmer like no other design!

Achieve a stable laminar flow and maximize performance and efficiency!

In conjunction with the innovative bubble chamber, a powerful needle wheel pump generates optimally-sized air bubbles that force protein, waste and other materials through the hybrid cone body and into a collection cup for easy removal. The JNS ConeS Series is rated for aquariums 90-800 gallons yet are small enough to be concealed in a sump underneath your aquarium.

Computer-precision engineered and outfit with the latest filtration technology, JNS protein skimmers are engineered to deliver the performance and value you are looking for in a skimmer.

JNS ConeS Series Skimmers are built using a brilliantly polished cell-cast acrylic. They incorporate the high-end features hardcore hobbyists demand at a price everyone can afford. The ConeS Series is equipped with advanced bubble chambers, hybrid-cone bodies, air silencers and needle wheel impellers for maximum performance, efficiency and whisper quiet operation. They also have compact footprints to make installation as easy as possible.

JNS ConeS Skimmers feature high-quality Italian-made pumps. Each pump motor block is then modified and fitted with proprietary JNS needle wheel impellers. With the precise modifications and upgrades, performance is boosted much beyond that of a stock pump. The upgraded JNS ‘Shark’ pump is capable of drawing in significantly more air and chops them up to the optimum bubble size for protein extraction. These pump and protein skimmer combinations deliver unprecedented performance and reliability. Accumulated protein and organics will be vigorously removed from your tank so you can focus less on maintenance and more on enjoying your piece of the reef.

JNS Cone-Series Protein Skimmers are designed from the ground up with the hobbyist in mind. A built-in air intake silencer reduces noise for near-silent operation. The hybrid-cone design maximizes the size of the reaction chamber and to allow the skimmate to smoothly rise into the collection cup. The advanced Bubble Chamber decreases turbulence and produced a stable laminar flow: which improves bubble transition and boosts skimmer performance.


Modified and upgraded Italian needle-wheel pump produces optimum bubble size for high-efficiency protein skimming
Efficient, durable and reliable
Simple to set up and operate
Cell-cast acrylic construction
Quick-Precise adjustment valve allows fast precision tuning of the skimmer water level to control wet/dry foam production
Exclusive collection cup design with a handle that allows you to easy hold and transport the collection cup for cleaning

• Footprint: 42 x 35 CM / 51 * 21 CM
• Pump(included): SHARK 6.0
• Pump power consumption: 120V 60Hz 45 Watts/ 220-240V 50Hz 36W
• Chamber Diameter: 25 CM
• Height: 58 CM
• Recommended Water Level: 22~23 CM
• Outlet Size: 1.5 Inch Quick-Precise adjusting valve

Rating 3000L


SGD 1,058.20

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