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  • For water to suit both fish and plants: highly active cleansing bacteria and active oxygen in sinking mineral granulate for the breakdown of pond sludge.
  • Easy to use: calculate required quantity, spread the granulate over the pond water, spread active oxygen over the pond.
  • Healthy pond water: breakdown of organic waste leads to the consumption of surplus nutrients.
  • Prevents fish loss, prevents algae, prevents decomposition processes at the bottom of the pond.
  • Contents: granulate for the breakdown of pond sludge, SediEx Pond. Dosing: component 1: 30-50 g/1000 l pond water; component 2: 50 g/1000 l pond water.



Natural balance in the garden pond:

  • Plant and food remains, metabolic substances and leaves deteriorate the quality of the water in the garden pond.
  • Good water quality is necessary to ensure the health of fish and plants.
  • Each season makes different demands on the garden pond.
  • A water test will help recognise deficits in the pond water so that you can take the necessary steps.

Promotes the break down of bacteria:

  • The mineral granulate carries the special biodegrading bacteria directly to their “work place“, the floor of the pond, where they effectively break down excess organic waste or prevent it developing.
  • The active oxygen is spread over the surface of the pond and releases oxygen on its floor, supporting the work of the bacteria.

Easy use of SediEx Pond:

  • Calculate the required quantity. Add the sinking granulate to the pond water and spread the active oxygen widely over the pond.


  • Component 1 (white powder) 30 – 50 g/100 l pond water
  • Component 2 (mineral granulate) 50 g/1000 l pond water



After the application the water became cloudy and there were particles swimming on the water surface

> When using the first component the active oxygen spreads across the whole of the pond and releases the oxygen at the pond bottom. This promotes the bacterial activities. During the decomposition process mulm particles sometimes rise and make the water temporarily cloudy. These can be removed from the water surface with a fine landing net.


AlgoPond Direct used near invertebrates and sturgeons

> The application of AlgoPond Direct can cause problems for crustaceans in the garden pond, as has been proven in one case.

Here is a biological explanation: Crustaceans have so called external gills. These are situated between the body wall and the external armour, the so-called carapace, which goes left and right along the breast right down to the biramous legs.

The crustaceans use their mouth parts (the so-called exopodites at the mouth parts) to produce a water jet through the front of the gill cavity. While producing this water jet the crustaceans are using their mouth parts to look for food. Therefore it can be possible that particles of AlgoPond Direct granulate reach the gill cavity. Because the active substance in a non-dissolved phase is an irritant, a damage of the lamellas of the gills is possible.

For this to happen, however, that the crustaceans have to ingest non-dissolved AlgoPond Direct in their gill cavity.

With sturgeons no case of a problem with AlgoPond Direct is known. But for the sake of completeness it should be noted that a similar incidence is theoretically possible.

Similar considerations apply for OxyPond and the first component of SediEx Pond. Up till now no cases have been recorded.


What is JBL SediEx Pond ? Why and when should I use it?

J> BL SediEx Pond consists of 2 components: firstly it contains active oxygen (comparable with JBL OxyPond) and secondly it contains heterotrophic (all eating) strains of bacteria.

Oxygen deficiency often develops in the sludge at the bottom of the pond and this leads to a development of bacteria , including sulfate-reducing bacteria. These sulfate-reducing bacteria excrete toxic hydrogen sulphide. Oxygen needs to be added to the bottom of the pond before the bacteria in SediEx Pond can set to work reducing the sludge.

JBL SediExPond can be used throughout the whole year, providing the temperatures stay above the freezing point. We recommend dosing on a regular 3 monthly basis, and especially in the spring and autumn.


Can the pond care products JBL StabiloPond Basis, JBL StabiloPond KH, JBL OxyPond, JBL FilterStart Pond, JBL AlgoPond Direct*, JBL PhosEx Pond Filter, JBL SediEx Pond, JBL AlgoPond Sorb, JBL AgoPond Forte*, JBL AlgoPond Green*, JBL PhosEx Pond Direct and JBL BactoPond be used with an operating UV-C water clarifier without any problems or should the UV-C unit be switched off?

> In simple terms we can say that with the application of the liquid products JBL AlgoPond Sorb, JBL AgoPond Forte*, JBL, AlgoPond Green*, JBL PhosEx Pond Direct, JBL BactoPond the UV-C water clarifier should be temporarily switched off so that the active substances will not be destroyed. Please look up the time periods in the respective operation instructions.

With JBL StabiloPond basis, JBL StabiloPond KH, JBL OxyPond, JBL FilterStart Pond, JBL AlgoPond Direct*, JBL PhosEx Pond filter, JBL SediEx Pond the UV-C water clarifier may remain in operation.

* Labelling according to EU Directive 98/8/EC: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use!

JBL SediEx Pond 500ml

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