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  • Long-term mineral supply for plant roots: volcanic primary rock powder for aquascaping aquariums.
  • Use: 250 g/200 l aquarium. Simply sprinkle the rock powder on the bottom pane or on the bottom layer of the substrate and cover with the top layer of substrate.
  • Long-term fertiliser: primary rock powder rich in natural minerals and trace elements, which remains effective as plant fertiliser for about 12 months.
  • Depot effect: enriched with macro nutrients for ideal, long-term growth of aquatic plants.
  • Use: 250 g volcanic rock powder, sufficient for a 200 l aquarium (approx. 100x40 floor area).


Underwater gardener: 

  • Aquascaping is the term used to describe the technique of designing aquarium landscapes.
  • This is the place for plant compositions, for the reproduction of a landscape above water or for natural biotopes.
  • An aquascaping aquarium contains no or few fish and invertebrates.
  • This way the nutrient supply for plants is reduced and their growth is limited.
  • Nitrogens, phosphorus and other minerals become scarce substances and need controlled and exact re-dosing.
  • For healthy growth in their beautiful underwater landscape the plants need light, CO2 and the right nutrients.
  • Aquascapers swear by the addition of volcanic rock powder before they cover it with soil.
  • This way perfect long-term plant growth is ensured.
  • Volcanic rock is known for its high content of valuable minerals and trace elements.
  • Therefore an extremely rich flora develops on volcanic islands like Hawaii or Tenerife.


May I use the nutrient powder when I have installed an undergravel heating cable?

> Yes, despite an undergravel heating cable you can use Volcano Powder because it is only applied very thinly and doesn’t completely cover the cable. The substrate above needs to be porous and coarse enough to enable the water circulation inside.


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